A Gaming Thread For 2017



I know right! There was a weird moment in the Microsoft press conference during the minecraft trailer where they showed a Switch made in minecraft and that’s an indicator of where the market is and needs to go honestly. The more cross compatibility we have the more people win.

Still great news for people who own PC/Switch and Xbox One


As if I don’t get enough abuse off kids on Rocket League on the Sony servers…


E3 underdog



Git good etc :wink:


Now I have my PC sort of working (if not entirely stable) I’m rolling up my sleeves and tackling the backlog. First up: The Talos Principle. I loved the first few hours. It’s all very Portal but with pleasingly pulpy sci-fi overtones. Already encountered a puzzle that melted my brain for a good half hour.

Also ARMA III is down to a tenner so I might pick up and try the Battle Royale mod my mates have been evangelising about for the past couple of months. “I spent all last night hiding in a bush! Then I died!” Can’t wait.


Played this and loved it, but caused actual rifts in our friendship group that still haven’t healed entirely.

Blight of the Immortals was good fun, and less damaging as it’s co-op against the game.


The Talos Principle is amazing. I completed the main game but then got really stuck on the Road to Gehenna DLC, which is maybe too difficult.


Ha yeah it can have that effect all right! I haven’t tried blight of the immortals yet, looks fun though!

I realised the thing I said earlier about needing 8 players isn’t true, we could play with any number…


Considering how long I spent on a couple of puzzles before I’d even cleared area A I’m not sure the DLC will be for me then. I’m really enjoying the main game though.


I think I had to look up YouTube solutions to one or two, but otherwise did the whole main game on my own, which was immensely satisfying. I think it’s more difficult than the Portal games.


2017 is weird
THQ releasing new software
Accolade releasing a new Bubsy
and now


Sega are teasing something too called Sega Forever using loads of old chip tunes


Seems likely that will be some kind of subscription service for mobile devices





Oh jesus, this is even better in first person


this game looks really fun :frowning:


I hate the censorship of art and that’s why I think we should alter every single aspect of this game


You missed the chat before hand where I was basically going ‘It’s too quiet, I dont trust it, I feel like I shouldn’t dance but I will’ and then that happened.


XCOM 2 is so brutal


It’s getting loads more in August.

Also, Darkest Dungeon DLC is dropping today. IRRATIONAL