A Gaming Thread For 2017



fuck I want to restart darkest dungeon now


anyone got overwatch for ps4?


There are a few, I have it but my PS4 controller is broken and I cant be arsed to replace it.


Yeah, I got it last week. It’s great, but I’ve not played an FPS for ages so I’m getting my arse kicked at the moment!


considering that or friday 13th, wanna play?


I’m gonna get overwatch next payday!


Looking forward to the Darkest Dungeon DLC coming out on PSN. Been playing it on vita and have a long flight at the weekend so would have been ideal if it was out now but looks like next month.


My new graphics card is finally being delivered today. I think I’ve finally solved the nasty ‘completely switching itself off at the least convenient moment imaginable’ habit my PC had picked up as well. Might finally go back to the Witcher 3 in celebration. See how pretty it looks now.


Yes mate: https://www.overbuff.com/players/psn/Broseph46


What was it??

What Gfx??


Oof these stats are revealing. Characters you don’t have to aim with: good, characters you have to aim with: bad.


In the end it turned out to be the plug socket I was using. A friend of mine had a similar issue which didn’t get sorted until he rewired his house. Thankfully mine seems to be working ok now I’ve moved the PC to the other side of the room.

Got a AMD Radeon RX 570. Upgrading from a R9 270.


Would definitely be up for diving back in if we could wrangle a few people together!


Been playing Wolfenstein New Order on Xbone. It’s fun


Yes, I enjoyed that back when I had it.

I really, really want a decent games console again, but I can’t envisage a world in which that could happen.


Might start playing Prey today.


Finished Mass Effect: Andromeda last night. It has loads of flaws, but overall I enjoyed it. I don’t know if I would have stuck with it if I didn’t have the residual goodwill towards the franchise, because the start is dreadful and it was a good twenty or thirty hours in before I wanted to play it out of choice rather than duty. Once it’s underway it’s a decent ME game though. I’ll be disappointed if there isn’t a sequel down the line, though I fear the initial reception to this one may have knackered the chances of that.


Feel like Overwatch really clicked for me last night. Got teamed up with people who were actually playing together rather than just running off and doing their own thing. Played as Lucio and it’s the first time I really feel like I’ve had an impact on the game.


Update - the new card causes my CPU to overheat to dangerous levels, causing the PC to shut down. Solve one shut down problem, find a brand new one.

I fucking hate PCs.