A Gaming Thread For 2017



I just finished Firewatch, and didn’t particularly rate it. It was an interesting concept, but I didn’t feel like my choices were impacting anything of significance in the game, and there’s not much actual gameplay. I could be wrong about the choices though, it’s hard to tell without replaying.


in a world of wacky or weird usernames tonight i was happy to be killed by someone in Overwatch who just called himself ‘David’. and another called ‘Pacman’.


i didn’t feel like it was a ‘choices matter’ game. i felt like it was more of the interaction between you and err whatever she’s called (forgotten already). i felt the dialogue was very real and believable - that’s why i liked Firewatch. also cos it was pretty. and it had a proper map.


I really liked Firewatch, though I was aware from the start that it was more focused around the narrative than anything else like Gone Home and stuff like that. And though the story was definitely flawed in many ways, I thought it was well-told and had enough (to me) engaging interactivity (e.g. exploring the beautiful environments, being able to engage in the conversations, making personal decisions about your character) to justify it being a game rather than just a film or book (which can be a reasonable gripe with these kinds of game when they maybe don’t put enough thought into this area).

I’m slightly biased because I would loooooove to have that firewatch job, to be honest.


How fucking good is Darkest Dungeon? Got it on a whim in the PS store sale after hearing good things, and subsequently lost my entire Saturday pm to it. There are so many cool mechanics, and it seems exceptionally deep from my first 7-8 hours playing.

My worry at this stage is that it will be too difficult for me to get anywhere close to finishing. I keep losing key team members to the vanilla beginner quests!


Remind yourself that overconfidence is a slow and insidious killer.

(It’s dead good, yeah. May be worth waiting for them to bring out “Radiant” mode before getting too far into it, because it does become a hell of a grind.)


That sounds a lot better, actually. I love it but I don’t have that much time. How far have you got through on ‘normal’ mode?


It’s just… yeah. Every bit as much of a struggle as it promises to be. Look forward to radiant mode purely because I don’t think many people experience the last dungeons as is, and they’re just wonderful.


Without wishing to gush, last night I played through what might be one of my favourite side quest chains ever in Witcher 3, one I completely missed on my first playthrough. It starts off with you taking a contract to free a lighthouse of its curse, winds up with you getting imprisoned, and eventually ends tripping balls in a cave with a giant spectral whale. Top class, all the way through.


Bought Breath of the Wild for Wii U. Will be exploring Hyrule then in just over a month, which seems slightly surreal given the first trailer was in 2004.

It should keep me busy at my current game playing rate until 2019…


I sank so much of my weekend into video games…
Got my Rocket League doubles rank up to Challenger 1 division 3, which is an all-time high. Games at that level are at a higher pace so had a few stinkers, but seem to be generally holding my own.

Now have 3 of the 4 lord souls in dark souls. Just got to tomb of the giants and quickly fell off a ledge to my death…

Also started Ratchet and Clank which seems like a nice relatively relaxing game.
Should probably finish my xcom campaign at some point soon as well…


Sorry, I don’t remember the whale quest at all and I think I did everything. Is this DLC?


No, ignore me. I’ve remembered. I had forgotten about the link between the three quests.


The link is what makes it:


He was a good lad Jorund.


Looking forward to this Night in the Woods thing, I think. Conveniently, I wasn’t aware it had been in development for absolutely donkeys and am only finding out about it with the announcement that it’s out in February.

Might play some of the little companion pieces they released.


Any recommendations for some good PC point and click games ala Monkey Island/ Broken Sword? I’ve finally got a Steam account, and I’m not afraid to use it.


Syberia (third one due out this year appaz)


Yes, that seems to be exactly what I’m looking for, thanks. And 1 and 2 combined for £11. Joy.


:+1: It’s a nice pace with some clever puzzles, no moments of mad panic against the clock / impending doom. Nice, uplifting story too. Might re-play them actually, soon as I’ve DESTROYED my little brother on Civ.