A gaming thread for 2018



If u like u can borrow my copy? As long as ye don’t like, poo in the box or anything.



Just finished it. Was good. Worth playing the side mission/story?




It’s a really good podcast. They’re always kind enough to read the overlong emails I occasionally send in, too.

They’ve started doing Final Fantasy as well; in the next series, I believe they’re doing 2 through to 7.


Playing that Batman Telltale thing that’s free on PSN. I like it. Catwoman is very … yeah


Oh and @Bamnan, you might dig the music podcast they do as well - Sound of Play.


Could do! Any bollocks from here you wanna borrow?


I’m genuinely a bit jealous of you being back at the start again. I feel like I’ve forgotten so much good stuff that happens.


it’s refreshing to hear a gaming podcast where they’re not joking around all the time and trying to be ironic. Just want to hear people share my love of old games really.

Also flashback is top 10 GOAT


Yeah, I like that they’re not hysterically making constant Internetty jokes; but I like they’re also not mega self-serious about games like is sometimes the flipside.


Cool! No problem pm me Ur address. I’d love to borrow silent hill 4? It’s the only ps2 SH I’ve never beaten.


anyone recommend us a 2d platformer that’ll run on a fairly shit laptop? got 7 and a half days play time on super meat boy. probably enough that.


Yeah it’s a great show. Always happy to donate to it. They tried to raise enough cash to go full-time last year but didn’t make it sadly. But the amount raised still helped them raise enough to improve things this time around.

They’re tackling loads of stuff this year: Final Fantasy series, Last Guardian, Hellblade, Pikmin, Mario Kart and the Resident Evil games. Should be good! Sound of play is indeed great too. You’d be a good guest on there @Bamnan given your music and their love of Sonic.


Schedule is here on their forum if you want to sign up and leave feedback to (more often than not) be included in the show.


Like the subtle change they made last year when they didn’t read out all the correspondence, rather wove bits of it into the discussions they were having.


Fez :heart_eyes:




my fez save has 2 days

didn’t get it for a long while but went back to it a couple of years ago and was obsessed for a bit.


spelunky is basically a perfect game. How did he manage it?!?!


ooh looks very my thing. ta


It’s very well-crafted but there are aspects to it which are clearly there just to be massive fuck-yous to the player. I’d recommend it to anyone, but I uninstalled it because I got so angry trying to get to the ‘true’ ending.