A gaming thread for 2018



yeah it’s super hard but it follows it’s own internal logic flawlessly, there’s a million ways to die but I feel all of them you could anticipate. I’m not very good at it though and still haven’t beaten Olmec! Also it’s a really fun co-op game


PS Store stuff is often massively overpriced.


It’s comfortably in my top 10 games ever now, maybe even top 5.

I also have still not beaten Olmec and have been obsessed with it on three different platforms!


I’m currently downloading Cane & Rinse’s 2017 look-back podcast, and it appears to be eleven hours long. There’s every chance I’m definitely never going to listen to this.



There seems to be a gap in the market for a nice 60-90 minute non-bellend packed gaming podcast. Surely there must be one out there?


Waypoint Radio tends to be alright. They released their 2017 retrospective stuff in little one-hour episodes, which I wish C&R had done as they’re usually pretty good these days for keeping to a reasonable length.


On another note, I’m so glad I had my podcast app download to my SD card instead of to the phone memory as my phone’s innards would likely be totalled through sheer accumulation of data.


I really like the Writing on Games podcast, which while rather long doesn’t descend into the almost bullying present in so many other podcasts.

I get that these podcasts are most often groups of friends, with the history that goes along with that, but some of them can actually be quite cruel to one another and as someone outside of the group, it doesn’t make that pleasant a listen.


i didn’t. i got insanely frustrated with it so i’m going to come back to it. i must beat that game but… i bought Skyrim. So now everything else is temporarily dead to me.


That would be sensible, though some podcast apps only keep the last few episodes and delete older ones which wouldn’t work if C&R uploaded 11 separate podcasts.

I’ll give Waypoint Radio a whirl. I only listen to the Crate & Crowbar at the moment, I could use some alternate points of view.


I like his YouTube videos. Hits that spot of being someone who references Roland Barthes / literary theory when talking about games without being really po-faced and serious about the medium. His video on Goat Simulator is such a breath of fresh air when I think of how tedious and joyless a lot of video games YouTubers are.


I used to prefer Waypoint UK with former DiSer Mike Diver; but the US podcast has grown on me (a lot of American podcasters talk really loudly).


I like the sound of that but I find it hard to jump into a new podcast series with 3 hour episodes. That’s a big time investment.


I never got around to listening to the podcast during the Diver era but I did read the site back then. He gave me actual money to write a thing on Dark Souls 3 and I’ll love him forever for it.


I truly look forward to it every week (actually they rarely stick to their schedule anymore), but appreciate podcasts of that length are not for everyone.

The YouTube channel of the same name is a really fresh voice on gaming and mechanics, without being too lengthy.


I am very aware i’m late to this but Skyrim is possibly perfect innit? I played Oblivion and it was great but didn’t hold my attention. But this…

I’m going to lose all of my sleep to it aren’t I?

Currently only just gotten around to getting the mysterious note instead of the horn, but that’s because I basically spent the first night of play just questing around finding shit. Enjoying that I’m finding my way into insanely levelled places while i’m 100% not ready for it yet, too: Got proper decked by a master vampire like 100 times before I gave up.

Current status: level 9 Breton, mainly rocking destruction and conjuration with a sideline in archery.


I have loads I like.

BitSocket is two Scottish lads being silly about what they’re playing and making fun jokes. It’s a good hour listen every fortnight or so.

The Computer Game Show is weekly and around 90 minutes. 4 guys, with very differing tastes in gaming, discussing the weeks news, what they’ve played and answering listener feedback.

IGN do a great Nintendo specific show called NVC, which is just 50 minutes or so of Switch chat a week. Great bunch of guys; very succinct, upbeat and punchy.

The Game Informer Show flies under the radar a lot but I really like the presenting team; they do a great job of covering a huge amount, thoughtfully and wittily, in a supremely tight amount of time. They also release their podcasts with markers on so you can jump to the game chat you’re specifically interested in if time pressed.

IGN UK’s show is also fun, but that’s more a random chat about games, TV, films… general entertainment. Does it’s own very UK thing, but has a place in my heart.




Genuinely, always a weekly highlight for me. They play just about every indie game that hits that store, so I’ve gotten into some interesting games because of them…


To be fair, I read a lot of IGN’s Nintendo material around the GC and early Wii era and much of it wasn’t too bad. The site as a whole was (and I’ve always assumed remained) pretty toxic thanks to the comments and laddish sections though.