A gaming thread for 2018



This is a terrible teaser video if he turns out to be right. I predict a lot of nerd rage. And not just from me weedily trying to flip a table and then taking a nap.


actually this makes me sound like a typical dickhead entitled gamer a bit, but still the word “online” is an immediate “nope” for this guy


They’re already raging. Because of course they are.


So long as you don’t send any death threats or find any female Bethesda employees to scapegoat I think you’re allowed to be disappointed.


nah, Schreier will be the one getting the death threats. again.


Starting to sound like it’s going to be a multiplayer base building game isn’t it?


it is weird how when this happens (presumably for market reasons), there’s outrage; and yet having female characters is (or at least used to be) shot down by market logic consumer bores bleating on about how “they’re not the core audience it doesn’t make market sense blah blah fuck off gamer twat blah”


This is a problem with anything rooted in nerd culture in particular because nerds, in their nature, obsess over the franchises they love to an unhealthy degree. That’s what being nerdy kind of is about, unashamedly being in love with franchises and genres, and that’s why you see such outrageous outcry.

Like the Pokemon Nerds when they found out they were targeting the casual audience with the Pokemon games coming in November by remaking Yellow and tying it into Pokemon Go (despite the fact they literally said in the same stream that a proper sequel would be out next year) they feel threatened that their thing is being used to get FILTHY CASUALS.



Well yeap. It’s Fallout: Rust then it looks like.

I’m going to brace for the rage, this actually sounds more appealing to me than a proper sequel


Yeah, that’s probably not going to be for me. I can imagine Fallout: Rust being appealing in a perfect world where people online aren’t dicks. As it is I’m not sure I want to respawn, get murdered by a stranger, have my fault suit stolen and then get teabagged in the wasteland over and over again.

But we shall see I guess. Always nice to have low expectations ahead of a pre-teased E3 announcement anyhow.


Tried to play new vegas, it was so brown and uninspired, much preferred the environment in fallout 3


I know people give Bethesda some shit for delays but since Fallout 4, to have released 71 other games in the main series over the last three years is one hell of an achievement


you don’t play rust

you said you had no interest in fallout

yeah, all makes sense


The environments weren’t as varied but the writing, quests, gameplay and Vegas it’s are much more refined and better than anything in 3.


I’ve played plenty of games that are similar to Rust though.


Fuck nerds then, how any fully grown adult can identify with this kind of behaviour is scary to me, people’s bullshit made up fantasies are never more important than actual humans.

Of course being a nerd would be seen as mainstream cool in this selfish hypercapitalist fucked up world


i dont know what rust is

is it one of the online games the kids have now


Like guys and girls, people are making a living making a game, if you don’t like it don’t buy it or make valid complaints about the labour practices in the gaming industry but games aren’t this magical thing that appears once every couple of years just to cheer you up and give you something to look forward to. Fucking gamers are the worst


Hi what’s rust?


Must make it clear though that it is very much the vocal minority.