A gaming thread for 2018



I’ve used it a handful of times for Walkthroughs, but that’s it. Tend to just browse Eurogamer, Nintendolife and Kotaku these days and get the rest of my news from journalists I like on Twitter or those podcasts.


Agent 47 has become tired of trying to elaborately plan assassinations. On a recent one, he was walking around the map when - who should he see but the target with no security detail! “Oh, there you are!” he thinks with bald-headed glee.

Push him off a banister and on our way


you definitely need downtime with hitman. I try and do one kill variation every couple of weeks just to clear the mind a bit. it’s quite pleasing when it all just works.


Watch Out For Fireballs / Abject Suffering from the Bonfireside Chat guys are both great, and the presenters seem geuinely lovely.


I watched some of his Dark Souls videos (it might be a cliche but Dark Souls opinions are my barometer for these things) and I like the cut of his jib. Might have to give the podcast a go.


I did like Bonfireside chat from the few I listened to. But between this and Vamos’ suggestions I’ve no idea where to start.


Abject Suffering is my fave - early episodes have some absolute gold


wow i just downloaded that today. It looks alright


its very acclaimed, and you may well love it.

it was not for me


The Besties (polygon.com) do a monthly, hour-long best games of the month podcast that I like. Their best of 2017 was a mere 2.5 hours!


Yeah, I bloody love it. Way more engaging than Oblivion. Cramming in a bit of time on it whenever I get the chance at the moment. Level 39 currently.

Got my Enchanting up to 100 last night, with only the top perk on that tree still to go. That’s going to be a real money-maker and help so many other skills level up quicker.


shit i need to get into that. been focussing on alchemy


Enchanting and Smithing are good levelling bedfellows. If you buy lots of iron ore and silver ore and use the Transmute (Alteration) spell to turn it all into gold ore, smelt that into gold ingots, smith gold rings and then enchant them with Fortify Sneak (the highest value enchantment), you’re onto a winner.


damn those Cane and Rinse have mostly been good but hearing them talk about how hilarious Borderlands 2 is and how personally they’re not offended by racial stereotypes and sexism makes me kinda not want to listen to anymore


borderlands is about as funny as mrs brown boys


Unless it’s tales of the borderlands. Which has legitimately fantastic writing and also probably the best telltale game…


yes. i absolutely loved that.


I played it when it first came out but recently got a PS VR and am playing through that version and it holds up way better than expected. Completely forgotten all the missions which helps too. I’m level 20 or so and haven’t even gone looking for that horn yet.

When I play RPGs I always make decisions as I would in real life on my first playthrough. If I go a second time, I always try to play as a fucker (which I find surprisingly difficult sometimes even though I know it’s not real)

This afternoon I came across a guy living near a shipwreck. He was pleasant enough, sat in a chair with a tankard on the table, no proper quest chat but had a load of gems lying around the place.

Not a guard in sight so of course I knelt down about 6 feet behind him and put an arrow through his head. Then I picked up his tankard and started slapping his corpse in the face with it, shouting ‘drink up you bastard!’ Made about 3000G once I looted the place.


Seems a bit unusual for them? They usually love a good moan about oversized breasts in JRPGs and how uncomfortable Bayonetta makes them feel!


bayonetta rulz