A gaming thread for 2018



I actually think the main story is pretty good - all the options have their merits. Caesar’s is pretty over the top but the introduction to their methods is one of my favourite moments in gaming. Obvs that turned me instantly against them but then there’s so many little details throughout about the progress-hindering beauracracy (sp??) of the NCR that you can see why that ruthlessness appeals to some of the populace.

More generally, the four paths all feel like real choices unlike in F4. And for me it’s how that sense of free will plays out in all the side quests (and the dark humour of gangs like the kings or the ghouls) which makes it a truly special game.

I suppose you’re entitled to your opinion…


Without wishing to be too snooty, if silly, nonsensical, awkwardly mapped set pieces involving a giant meme robot smashing stuff up is all you ask for from a video game, then yeah, Bethesda have you well covered.


on one of the older Pro Evos on the online master league/whatever the UT ripoff was called, I remember there was this random Dutch striker who was absolute shit apart from having a really high pace stay and possibly finishing and basically every low to middle ranking team had him plus 10 others, every time they had the ball they’d play a through ball to him, and he’d get a hat trick every match. was so frustrating, just stopped playing.


some of these camera angles in Nier can get a bit fruity. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Press sprint for upskirt


I hope the women stay in the kitchen of this Fallout 4, so it’s historically accurate.


currently in pain watching this


played alot of pro evo 2017 online, got up to a fairly decent ranking (800 ish)
Loads of teams seemed to have Messi, Ronaldo and teams stacked with 90+ rating players, I dunno if this was because they’d sunk ££ into it to have loads of chances on the roulette player picker thing, or just got lucky, but it got boring playing against the same players/systems all the time.

I luckily got a couple of rare players like Godin in the lottery thing and built a team around Manzukic as a lone striker with de Bruyne, Isco and Kagawa behind in a 3. Only came across a couple of other players who setup a similar system but it was really effective.


Tbh, I pretty much do play games for the silly and nonsensical stuff, as does everyone in here who isn’t exclusively playing Train Simulator.


I’ll have you know I play Euro Truck Simulator 2 as well!


Fair points, and I do like the side quests. I think my memories have been soured by two things: I found the climax running along the bridge (might be a dam, been a few years) pretty boring, and then realising that it was the same whatever faction you were allied with (oooh, with these guys I get to run in a different direction!) was a bit dispiriting. The other thing is the way Vegas was mapped, which meant, on the 360 at least, every time you wanted to talk to Mr House, you had to get there, and then go through two more sets of loading screens before you reached him. Total pain in the arse.

I don’t especially hate NV, just don’t get why it’s loved so much and FO3 gets a slagging. Especially as FO4 seems to get more love than 3, and it’s by the far the worse of all the Bethesda Fallouts.


Listen here, Pendolino Pro 2016 is the podcast backlog accompaniment of the discriminating gamer.


The writing was just of a different calibre on New Vegas IMO - many more sidequests that didn’t have to end in a shootout if you didn’t want them to,* surprisingly deep companion quests if you found them, a bunch of interesting factions you could deal with how you like and a robot dog owned by Future Elvis. That’ll do me.

Those fucking loading screens were absolute bullshit though. The whole game was a big house of jank tbh - it’s a testament to how good it was that it’s remembered so fondly despite being unfinished and broken.

I think part of 3’s problem is it started with it’s best moments in megaton and ended with, “sorry you have to die in this toxic death chamber but it’s your destiny for some reason” 40-50 hours later.

*hell, I completed the game by making a compelling argument about the difficulties of overstretching an empire that uses naught but it’s own strength to keep people in line with Ceaser’s main general, convincing him to retreat and have a bit of a think. Sure, the game ending in him running away in that weird Bethesda janky assed way was a bit of an anti-climax but I loved that I could do that.


I’m a bit of a masochist so tend to get rid off any black ball players I ever got that were too good. Felt cheap winning with the best players rather than due to my skin. So instead I lose and justify it as being due to my principles and just quietly rage about it.


that was one of the things that put me off the game (well either that or 2016, forget which one I got last), basically just end up playing against the same team over and over playing the same way.

I vaguely recall having success with a nice, proper possession based team, 4-3-3 and playing some really nice stuff in the final third rather than just endless through balls to quick strikers or boring cut back goals. had Salah, Morata and someone else up front, really annoying me that I can’t remember the other forward. might load the game up just to check who I had.


Euro Truck Sim 2 is incredible (no sarcasm) one of my most played games on steam


it was 2016 and the servers are offline so my team is lost forever :sob:

I think it might have been Nani though.


Clearly, I have not proof read this message.




I’ve always been tempted by it. Is it just relaxing? I’ve got a hunting sim like that, I don’t care for hunting IRL but it’s such a beautiful game and you just just chill and popping some deer in the head.