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I have dipped my toe into xcom 2. Loved the first one. This one seems a lot harder, getting faulty regularly spanked and this searching for supplies is a bit annoying. Enjoying it loads though but my wee guys keep getting promoted only to get annihilated in the very next mission.


Just took down a Harrier jet with a rocket launcher then instantly slipped on seagull shit and fell into the sea :neutral_face:




I played xcom a bit on my 360 but never really got on with it or got far enough into it for it to make much of an impression. This month I picked up xcom 2 for free from psn.

  • No point trying to get into 2 if you didn’t care for 1
  • It’s worth investing the time and energy, there will be something there for you in xcom2
  • You’re a monster for not loving xcom 1 and I hate you

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There are loads of handy guides out there. A good rule of thumb is to never move into unknown territory beyond where you moved your first guy. You really want the aliens to move into you, or be able to set a good overwatch trap, rather than you activating them. Also explosives are OP and you should be taking as many of them as possible.


Those turn limited missions tho, yeesh.


they’re fine. they stop overwatch creep. you can get a mod to get rid of them tho. unless you’re a ps4 scrub


Apparently the new fallout ain’t just some multiplayer kid on game but a prequel -


yes. oui. ja. mainline this shit into my veins!


Drowned in XCom Report 4

The gang infiltrate the Advent Black Site near Tijuana, determined to find out what exactly the aliens are cooking up for their planet-wide human farm. Aside from heavy numbers of mechs and troopers, it’s guarded by DiX’s enemy no. 1, Sniper Goblin Boy. Things get off to an ugly start when the Chosen-traumatised Darwin Dude catches wind of this, panics, and hides directly in front of a flamethrower-wielding goon (that’s her beneath the Purifier).

We triumph thanks to some crude but effective work by Theo, Ant and Horse, but not without DD taking some fairly gruesome burns. The squad then storms the main building, where we discover the aliens are making horrific but undeniably morish Soylent Street Salad out of captive humans. In her rush to get a concentrated sample, Bugduv takes a hammering off a mech - but is the first to it anyway.

Outside, Meowth plays silly buggers for ages, despite Ant trying to gently coax him out of his hiding spot with his drone. Eventually Colin gets a clear shot on him.

Satisfied with having finally dealt a clear blow back to Advent, DiX slip out of the burning ruin and disappear into the Mexican heat haze with the soylent sample. Afterwards, the two badly wounded members of the strike team bond in the medbay. Couldn’t have hoped for a better partnership.

Since Shadyadie copped it, we’re still without a grenadier. Another pasty member of an online music community is improbably drafted in to be humanity’s first line of defence. He is sent out on the next mission, to defend a rebel transmitter in a truly beautiful cave that the aliens have caught wind of. Despite Jamos getting mindcontrolled at one point, it goes swimmingly.

Improvements in their podcasting tech enable DiX the opportunity to find audiences outside of North America. Upon being contacted, moderate rebel forces in France immediately give us a tip off to a supply depot that Advent are abandoning to the Lost, as part of their managed decline policy.

This turns into a truly gruelling mission. The last member of Team Rocket, James the Psychic Nob, shows up on this one, and he keeps summoning spectral zombies which explode, which in turn attract real zombies. We lose track of Advent units in the maze of cargo containers, something that almost gets Jamos killed. Almost. Epimer also gets exploded on, but nobody cares about him.

DiX grit their teeth, pick their way through the rubble, fire and corpses of old Lille, collect a decent amount of supplies, and James is driven off after bouncing a shot off an impervious Theo. Good work, team.

(NB: This is the part of the game when XCom start to become super soldiers and aliens start bouncing off of them, so if you’ve made it this far you’re likely to make it to the end. It’s equally likely I’ll cut these down a bit as a result and only do the missions where things get interesting. Thanks for reading and taking part, and sorry for dominating these threads a bit.)


Don’t apologise for this!



He should absolutely apologize, I’m dead ffs!


Should have had the sense to hide in a flowerpot like @antpocalypsenow did


Despite my incompetence I manage to roll on unscathed. Just like every other job I’ve had.

I’m enjoying these. Unlike my war diaries back in the day they’re not tl;dr and it looks like it may be completed in under a year.


Jamos is a vampire
With grenay-ee-ay-ee-ades




You got mind controlled in episode 3 and had to be left behind. If it’s any consolation, a) you might turn up on as a potential rescue mission at some point and b) you killed Aphex Twinkletoes.


Is Chrono Trigger on Steam not shit yet? I’m listening to the soundtrack as we speak




Got drunk and bought a SNES Mini