A gaming thread for 2018



Not a proper horror game per se - it’s a survival game set on an oceanic planet. It just happens to have a selection of terrifying alien sea bastards and dark caves. I’m only 2 hours in but I’d recommend it on looks and vibe alone.


Fair enough. I’m impatient and like to get going.

Skyrim is a huge sprawling RPG too, but I was running from a dragon and fighting guards in the first 10 minutes.


Defo give it time to shine. As someone who was feeling a lot of open-world-fatigue it totally restored my faith in the genre. It’s astonishing in its depth.


Yeah. Very different beast to Skyrim. Much more dialogue driven and decision based. But there are sub plots in that game which will stay with you long after. It was a bit of a game changer when it came out in terms of storytelling for a game from what is essentially a European independent developer


Wait til you get to the frying pan quest. That shit tops anything Skyrim has to offer.


You have to cook gooseberries with it.


Well I played Witcher 3 for hours because my gaming buddy implored me to give it another go after it left me cold. Still leaves me cold. Really don’t get it. I mean I quite like a lot of the story elements but not enough to stick with the game: if the GAME element of a game isn’t that engaging and the cutscenes and dialogue are interesting I still feel like I’d rather be watching a high quality TV series or a film frankly.

If you end up not liking W3 then I’ll be really releived to know it isn’t just me: at the moment I feel like a club of 1.


This is how I feel when people start gushing about Bloodbourne.


Yes they are very similar situations except for the fact that Bloodborne is a 10/10 work of amazing gaming genius…



You’re right - my bad.




TBF when I came back to W3 post-Bloodborne to do the first DLC I found moving around the world and, in particular, combat unplayable in comparison



Way to make everyone who bought an Xbone feel like chumps, Microsoft.

This reminds me of when I’m hopelessly losing on Pro Evo so I deliberately get enough players sent off to forfeit the game. Stop the other guy from racking up an embarrassing score by burning everything down and then demand a rematch.


Apparently all xbone games will be compatible with it sooooo not so much


Yeah but everyone with an xbone will have to upgrade if they want to play games for the new shiny console, no? I wouldn’t find that much consolation if I’d bought one.


I imagine the games will be crossgen for a while if all the games are going to be backward compatible it suggests minimal changed to architecture


Is there really anything in gaming that can’t be achieved on the current iterations of the Playstation and Xbox consoles? The graphical quality increases between generations are getting smaller and smaller. It’s going to be very hard for me to get excited for a new machine.


I’m not sure I really see the point then tbh. And announcing it so soon after the release of the Xbox One X is just a weird move. Who wants to have to update their console every 2 years to stay up to date? And I’m not sure the casual market who Sony have in their palm at the moment are going to be swayed by a family of consoles. Too confusing.

I presume they’re hoping to steal a march on Sony on the streaming games thing. If they can make xbox live the Netflix of games it’ll certainly pay off for them. Still seems like a dick move from a gaggle of steaming cunts to me though.


One of the big emerging trends at the moment is streaming services. Seems quite likely that the pivot we’ll see in the next gen (and maybe the generation after that) is more subscription services and less powerful consoles, you’re effectively paying as little as possible for the device but the platform gets a long-tail revenue stream from each player.

It’s kind of the Sky/Now TV model. Make as cheap a box as possible but some kind of subscription is required in order for that cheap box to work. Microsoft’s had the Gold subscription service for over a decade now so their audience is already prepped for something like this.

The note about Microsoft’s next platform being ‘multi device’ kind of supports this as well. If you’ve got a good internet connection you can get a cheap box and play games in the cloud. If your connection’s not so good, there’s a more expensive model that can play the games locally.