A gaming thread for 2018



You’re in the honeymoon period. Relish every second, because yeah, during that time it is an incredible experience.


what…what happens after that? :frowning:


What happens in every modern Bethesda title. But we’ll talk about that eventually. Enjoy yourself!


:smiley: but i don’t WANT the fatigue :frowning:

but yes for now but i’s been good. i found that cute little cottage where you can get the bookshelf open and end up in a full bandit treasure room last night. so, so good.


I’m 60% through The Fractured But Whole and I found a download code for The Stick of Truth.

I will probably complete both before starting HZD in February.


You’ll get 100+ hours out of it, maybe a lot more, whilst still enjoying the vast majority of it.



Here is the first day of Blizzards big push for Overwatch to become a bonefide E-Sport.

The production values are there and they’ve fixed a lot of old problems of Overwatch streams (making it easier to follow for one)


someone how amidst tired gaming it took me ages to realise I was a vampire and now I’m figuring out how to sort that out. As much as it definitely already feels like a ball ache, it’s pretty fucking cool that they built that in


Progress the Companions quest line and you will cease to be a vampire.


oh that’s helpful fankoo. it’s already irking me with stamina regen issues :frowning:


Yeah, the lack of health, stamina and magicka regen in daylight gets really tiresome really quickly. You find yourself only exploring and questing at night, which is in keeping with being a vampire, but a bit shit in general.


exactly. it was a neat little trick but i am extremely happy to see it gone. feeding etc is a repetitive annoyance, as i suppose it would be ‘irl’. but still.


Feeding is easy if you have a housecarl (like Lydia). Just tell them to go to bed and then feed away.


ahhhhhh hadn’t thought of that!


Witcher 3 report. It’s massive. It’s gorgeous. It’s fun. It’s a little bit overwhelming and I don’t really know what the fuck I’m doing when it comes to crafting/alchemy/buying stuff/character building.

My character seems quite under-levelled though now that I’ve got access to the world map and not just White Orchard? I’ve been doing some sidequests n 'ting and just generally killing every monster I come across.


although if your vampirism progresses too far the whole Jarvanskar will try to kill you on sight, which is what happened to me on my first play through. Now that WAS a pain in the backside. I ended up having to load a save from weeks earlier.

Top tip: check ‘active effects’ (the last tab under the magic category) - anything in red is a disease you’ve contracted. I tend to check it at least once a session in case I’ve picked up a nasty.


Not a great way to level up tbh. XP is very quest-driven.

Good luck!


I’ve been doing basically all the side quests I can find, think I’ll keep doing that for a little while.

Are there any good guides online that anyone knows of? I always get worried on these games that I’ll waste upgrade points early doors and end up with a proper janky build later on.


Getting enchnating up to 100 is what finally killed my interest in the game on my original 360 run through and (becuase I’m an idiot who doesn’t learn from his mistakes) it’s pretty much killed off my interest in the game in the ps4 run through.

Once you get to enchanting 100 you can put 2 enchantments on EVERYTHING and it’s hard to overstress how massively overpowered you become. Your bow can do huge life-drain AND fire damage. Your ring can increase health AND bow damage etc etc etc. You become effectively immortal and killing Anduin becomes a piece of cake. I know I COULD just go back to normal armour/weapons but I’m sticking with my invinsibility kit and it’s making the game less fun really as there’s no challenge.


The only thing I’d be sure of levelling up is the Jedi mind trick thing (maybe just me, but I hate not being able to do that if the option’s there in convos) and fast blade attack. Pretty much everything else is viable and comes down to what you enjoy doing in combat.

I’d start in Velen - it’s levelled for noobs and there’s plenty of starter quests available in there. As Aphex said though, the principle way of getting XP is to progress the story.