A gaming thread for 2018



ps. i’m female and found it very easy not to do that


Haven’t played it only seen videos and critical responses


it’s a good game and you’re missing out if that’s what you’re worried about tbh


It’s ok I watched a big story spoiler video a few months back, plot seems awesome! :slight_smile:


oh no it’s the worst game to watch spoilets for :frowning: oh well never mind :slight_smile:


(srs tho Nier is amazing)


Elite Dangerous update went live last night, spent a good 2 hours trying to find one of the new ships. Classic Elite.


i spent at least 6 just trying to find a fuckin asp


Uh oh




just played a bit of hammond sorry i mean ‘wrecking ball’ on the overwatch ptr and he is glorious. “the hamster is pleased” was a voiceline i got when i triple killed some training bots. i’m so happy.


surprised it’s taken this this long


I weirdly feel like I haven’t played a decent walking sim in a while.


have u done ‘what remains of edith finch’?


Yeah! T’was great.

Was just thinking I could do with something not too massive like a walking sim / adventure game to balance alongside working and that. Thimbleweed Park is cheap in the Steam sale, so I may have a ganderage.


‘the awesome adventures of captain spirit’ is free and takes a coupla hours. it’s pretty cute.


Oh! I’d forgotten about that! Is that the Life is Strange 2-related one?


yeah supposedly some choices you make will affect ‘life is strange 2’ but i don’t really see how. mainly cos we don’t know anything about ‘life is strange 2’ yet. it’s hinting at what’s to come tho


Should’ve called it Life is 2 Strange


a friend of mine got really angry just at me talking at him about it in the pub going “NO SPOILERS. I’VE JUST DOWNLOADED IT” i’m like “I HAVEN’T SAID ANYTHING OMG” but yeah well worth a download