A gaming thread for 2018





actually ‘scott_chegg’ will know who i’m talking about probably. his name is rob. i knew i’d found the correct rob on the ps network cos his profile said “I am best at guitars”


He’s pretty good at guitars, yeah!


Got Slay the Spire off the Steam sale on a friend’s recommendation. Card-based rogue-like, where you slowly build up a deck to slay the beasties as you advance upwards. Slightly limited, particularly in the visual and audio departments, but very addictive. Would recommend, particularly to the podcast-accompaniment crowd.


Designed by a prominent Netrunner (RIP) player, for your fyi.


Rob Chapman?


Disregard last post. Game is awful, hard avoid.




I do love a good podcast game but all my favourite gaming podcasts keep raving about Slay the Spire and that would be too much Spire Slaying for me to handle at once.


The last Earth Defense Force game is down to £12 and I could no longer resist. Apparently there are buttons for singing the EDF song and chanting, “EDF!” while being attacked by millions of gigantic megaspiders now. Sounds perfect.


nah it’s a great game


oh shit I get it




Well you can use the EDDB for that, it’s amazing for current content but before they update that…fuck me, takes an age.


i’m not a cheater


What’s that on? I love a good insectoid holocaust!


It’s ‘Shadow of a New Despair,’ available on PS4 and PC. I grabbed it on PC, looking forward to seeing how many guns they’ve crammed into this one. I’m afraid of spiders though so christ knows why I keep buying these games…


EDDB isn’t cheating! It’s just filling in the gaps that FD haven’t put on the map yet.

My friend found me a Krait so I’m gonna pick one of those up tomorrow.




prefer having my video games make personal pain in my life