A gaming thread for 2018



I think massacring hordes of spiders could be quite therapeutic! I stay for the promise of downing block-sized spaceships though! Wonder if there’s still jetpacks in it? They were a lotta fun.


am now thinking of a ‘best spiders in video games’ list in my head. unfortuntely ‘middle earth: shadow of war’ already fucked that opportunity for themselves.


it’s the ‘limbo’ one isn’t it
also ‘brothers - a tale of two sons’
and ‘wriggler’ on the spectrum

also rom.


Resident evil 1. Dated badly, sure, but shat me up bigly at the time.


Miss rom. Might do another play through


There are! Unfortunately though the wing commander class is a woman in ridiculous boob armour, which is a bit off putting.


It’s a tough competition to win, especially since EVERY FUCKING RPG EVER features some kind of spider enemies.

It is probably Limbo though. I’ve never played it because the way it’s legs moved on the demo freaked me the fuck out.


Oh fuck, that first one that drops on the pool table Ugh.


The Limbo spider’s one of the most unpleasant creatures I’ve encountered in a video game, and I’m not arachnophobic at all. Genuine nightmare.


just look at this fuckin thing


never been scared of spiders in fact i love them and harvest them to kill all my flies but in video games they can FUCK OFF.


forgot Spider Mastermind on my list. what a douche!


Elite is perfect for that.


dunno why my mate who seemily hates Elite has over 1000 hours on it.


In a pay day frenzy I signed up for the kickstarter/beta of Kynseed. I’ve got serious stardew problems and I needed something new.


omg fuck that guy. For years it was this bastard from Rainbow Islands:


but Limbo spider is just pure horror.


Feel that way about sharks / big fish in games, especially where your character is not intended to dwell in water.

Sharks on that underwater tomb raider 2 level? Fuck off

Horrible fish thing in Half Life? Fuck off


fuckin loved Rainbow Islands.


wait no i’ve never heard of it i’m not old


Special mention to the spider under the ice in Resident Evil: Code Veronica. Watching that bastard follow me around knowing full well I’d have to fight it at some point was torture.