A gaming thread for 2018



Okay sound. Well so far I just dumped points into Fast attack. I’m in Velen at the moment so will stick around and look at some notice boards.

Think I’ll probably lean towards combat just cause I always tend to in these type of games. Will bear in mind the jedi mind tricks, though. Seem to find myself using the telekinesis attack in combat at the mo but think that’s just cause my guy is a bit of a wuss so doing a lot of dodging around and counter attacking when there’s a few enemies engaged.

They like getting Geralt in the nuddie though, I’ve noticed that. Think he’s had about three baths so far.


Prepare to die Switch friends:


You have no idea how happy this make me! Praise the Sun :grinning:


Since we’re on unreasonably cruel games coming out on Switch


If you’re a Nintendo fan and you basically hate yourself this must be the best week ever.


Both of these things are true, and yet neither game appeals :confused:


That’s unfortunate. 2 cracking games that would be brilliant to play on the go.


Yeah, you have to feed pretty regularly whilst a vampire to avoid everyone whaling on you.

It’s pretty important to carry Potions of Cure Disease regularly (or visit shrines) to dispel red effects. Vampirism is easily preventable if after every encounter with a vampire you check for red active effects and cure them.


Good tip is if you are chatting to someone and they comment that you are looking pale/unwell, you have something that needs cured, whether it’s vampirism or broken bones or whatever.

Anytime I’m in a town I go to the local shrine and get blessed, instant free cure for whatever I’ve contracted.


just want burnout paradise plz


There is me checking the old thread…when this badboy had been created!

DARK SOULS REMASTERED (on switch), talk to me. Do we think it will work? Controller-wise?


Explore, you’ll find those side quests all over the place. Still my favourite game of all time.


I’ve never played a Switch but I’m not sure why not? Doesn’t it have pretty much the same buttons?

Remaster apparently for all consoles. Can’t wait to invade all those nooooooobs with my SL1 Zweihander wielding glass cannon build.


Dark Souls on May 25th - day after my birthday :smiley:


Same layout but the joycon analog sticks have a larger deadzone but as it’s not a twitchy game which reaquires aiming it shouldn’t be too much of an issue.





There’s an snk heroines game coming out this year :heart_eyes: used to always use the kof/fatal fury etc female characters when playing capcom vs snk. Also the new Dragon ball z game apparently uses similar gameplay as capcom vs marvel can’t wait


Okay, ta. It’ll be grand then.

3 weeks after mine.
Prepare to get FUCKED up


I’m a veteran :wink:
Just psyched for Blighttown at 60 FPS! :joy: