A gaming thread for 2018



preferred Bubble Bobble. oh wait that’s not helping. er… what are ‘video games’?




is this some stupid remake? or regional version?


ooo that’s on my emulator list of things to play


The giant ones in Spelunky are pretty unnerving too! Mainly because they can totally murder you.


my experience of spelunky is getting murdered quite easily


One of the best old school Resi’s imo. No idea how it holds up today though.


What! This is the sequel m9. Played a bit more like Bubble Bobble than Rainbow Islands. You had a parasol that you could whack enemies with, or catch them on top of it. There were drops of water or whatever and you could catch them and combine them, or hit them around. It was great!


never heard of it.


:open_mouth: that looks very much like bubble bobble


It’s that basic gameplay, with the massively complex bonus/secret system of Rainbow Islands plus brollies. Think I actually prefer this to Rainbow Islands, tbh, although the first RI has massive nostalgic value for me (it came with my Amiga!). No spiders though (or none I ever reached)


Can you 2player coop it?

May have to get my sister out of retirement…


The NewZealand Story was better than Rainbow Islands anyway.




What next… Superfrog was better than…


Yes indeed - and you can stand on each others’ brollies to reach higher platforms etc, endless fun


Loved NZ Story - that was more of an adventure. Massive levels, exploring - it was Metroid with kiwis, come to think of it.

NZ Story = Parasol Stars > Zool > Rainbow Islands > Superfrog > Life of Pablo

OMG James Pond 2: Robocod > all of those


Rocket knight adventures?


Never had a Megadrive, but that looks mint :+1:

This is why I hardly ever play new games, there are so many classics out there


Thank you @cowtipping ! Just started Captain Spirit earlier on. Haven’t played much, but I’m liking how it (at least from what little I’ve played) seems a bit less hand-holdy than previous Life is Strange games. Like I seem to have made some decisions without the game going HEY YOU’VE MADE A DECISION THERE, MATE, DID YOU NOTICE?!

Curious as to how it’ll all fit into Life is 2 Strange: The Hellaning, but consider me intrigued