A gaming thread for 2018



Yeah, same here - think I only ever got to the second stage!


People of the gaming thread, anyone able to help me make a guess that isn’t utterly atrocious here? The only thing I know about this game is that it had sold 5m+ by the end of May, so I assume the answer is in the millions (obviously this is a ludicrous tie-breaker question that I don’t expect to get close with):




hey OW nerds seagull is playing hammond sorry mean death ball or whatever he’s called


it seems like you might play as this same character. or maybe an older version of him? idk


13.7 million.

If they’re really hard they must be a late game enemy and only like 20% of players completed game, so that’s maybe 1.5 million fighting them, those 20% will probably push on through to the end so might die 10-15 times each?

Who knows!


where are you getting this from


I’d guess the PS4 trophies thing where ot shows you the statistics? Incidentally, i always like how the trophies for Forbidden Siren are almost all ultra rare on account of how punishingly hard that game is


oh right yeah

20% for a linear campaign sounds pisspoor. kinda puts me off it. i’d expect that (or worse) from a darkest dungeon or xcom etc


to be fair, I marvel at the extent to which (going by the stats) some players seem to take the piss and just abandon games reeeeally early on


i’ll have you know i’m excellent at completeting or even starting games
stares at steam library
ok good point well made


To be fair I bought a game on Steam and abandoned it for so long that I ended up paying for it again on PS4


look it only took me like 3 years to finish ‘shadow of mordor’ cos i just loooooooooooved branding those orcs so much. then one day i went “maybe i should finish it” and a couple of hours later i did.


and i might’ve also got a bit carried away with the collectables in ‘rise of the tomb raider’. still annoyed i haven’t got them all tbh


not normally a collectable person but i just love how enthusiastic lara is at finding stuff.


My dad sacked off Dark Souls within half an hour, probably wise.


good dad.


There’s one of the geocaches I can’t get and it made me stop playing.

I completed Definitive Tomb Raider with 100% collectables.


there’s one in geothermal valley i have no idea how to get to and it’s driving me crazy. might even need to look up a youtube.


think it might even be in a tomb i completed (cos obvs i did all of them like a normal person), and just missed it. so i need to reset the tomb somehow.