A gaming thread for 2018



getting to grips with cities skylines. here’s some shots of the best one i’ve made so far, !SupercoolFunkyCity!


Quite a few of them are hidden in the tunnels before you get to the tombs.


finding the superblock system works very well to ensure smooth flow of traffic (pic 1), with nice curving freeway ramps to enable fluid movement in and out of industrial/commercial zones (pic 2).


not this one. i’m 99% sure i missed it in the tomb and the motherfuckers are just taunting me at this point


all game devs are out to get me


Did the same. Think the only other game I’ve done that with is Farcry 3. They got mindless hoovering right! Not too much effort required.


pf no. as much as i love fc3, ubisoft collects can do one. every tomb raider one has a little story at least.


Usually I can’t be bothered with all the Ubi guff, but trying to find entrances to underwater caves and ruined temples was probably the best part of that game. And there was a bit of historical fiction involved in finding all those letters from the stranded Japanese if I remember correctly.


I want to hang out in yr city


i think you’ll find the best part of every FC game is setting bears on fire with flare guns


Can’t argue with that!


thank you. i legalized weed and all public transport is free. i wish it was real.


Steam Sale guilty purchase #2: Enter the Gungeon.

Hate this game. Despise it. Worried it’s going to envelope all of my spare time.


I don’t know this for sure it’s a ballpark figure people always say for story games, most players don’t complete games


how come you play games you hate?


Taking a look at the achievement percentages on Steam for Telltale games is quite enlightening… The drop off of people stopping playing is quite something.


I was being capricious in order to convey that it is both hard and addictive, Bamnan.


ah I getcha!

Fun game but it’s no Nuclear Throne :wink:


This is my new toilet euphemism.


finished The Last of Us the other day. the parts where you move slowly and they wrestle the controls from you are faintly irritating, most of the characters are totally stock, most plot points are fairly predictable, but like Uncharted (4), I really liked it. the character interactions are really good, the pacing is great, the clickers are well designed and it’s fucking ridiculously polished. I dunno, Naughty Dog just do what they do really well, don’t they?