A gaming thread for 2018



I swear these people must be mega rich to just be going “completed level one I’m probably going to buy seventeen more games now bye”


mate reckon I must have well over 100 games on steam I have bought on sale and never even played. Shameful


Def quite excited for Rambo: Life Is Strange Part 2 now. Didn’t realise it’s out September and I’ll probably end up paying full price for it on release, since I really enjoyed playing the first one’s episodes as they came out throughout the year.

I hope they run a bit more with what seemed like more adventure gamey style elements (you sort of have an inventory (even if they don’t go so far with it), there were a couple more puzzly kind of things (though I had to look up a walkthrough to find out what his dad’s phone code is and it’s really stupid)) instead of padding stuff out with “just look for cans” or whatever. Quite liked the little references to the world of the first game as well; kind of Stephen King-ish, though I hope they don’t properly connect the games.


actually I bought a game almost fully aware that my laptop wouldn’t run it so I can’t really talk


also the original Life is Strange could have had some Craig David in it

and also I might go onto the LiS reddit bc the fanbase is insane


case in point:

this opinion is bang out of order


absolutely loved that game when I got round to playing it properly. I put it down the first time years ago because the first hour or so seemed ridiculously linear and boring with no user agency.


yeah it definitely took me a few hours to properly get into it, though that was what I was expecting based on playing some of their other games. glad I played it finally anyway


Games are cheap nowa days if you dont buy stuff the year they came out. Like dirt cheap


I don’t think it pretends to be anything other than bog standard gameplay-wise, but it’s all in service of the story and really sinking into the world so I liked it for that. Multiplayer is great too - hope they do that for the second one.


Just finished that life is strange 2 demo ‘captain spirit’. I loved it


Quite looking forward to it. Debating whether to fork out forty quid to get it on release.


It won’t be 40. The original was 20? And before the storm was 15?


I checked the PS Store; Dontnod seem to have become pretty confident off the success of the first one.

(I like LiS a lot, but it does take the piss a bit)

oh wait that’s dollars, ok, that knocks the price down a bit


I’m so shit at this game, yet continue to play it for some inexplicable reason. Never made it past the 3rd floor :neutral_face:


my wife abandoned Far Cry 3 during the opening cut scene, hadn’t even got to the point of controlling the game and turned it off.


Fair reaction, every character in that game is a total prick


I just caved and pre-ordered 2 Life 2 Strange. It comes out a little after the date of my last deadline so will be a nice treat.

The only problem with that is the count down clock that has come up now I’ve pre-ordered it, reminding me of how much time I have to meet those pesky deadlines.


Yeah, truly fucking horrendous. The whole tone of the game was way way off.


I was just watching a video about Silent Hill: Homecoming and, as well as being surprised by the fact that it’s 10 years old (which means it’s been almost a decade since the last proper SH game :frowning: ), I just remembered the fact that you can - because I did - get the UFO ending first time round.

'the fuck were they thinking with that?