A gaming thread for 2018



Just checking in to say I completed that dungeon in Link to the Past where you rescue a woman, then take her into the light and she becomes the boss. How the fuck people did this back in the day without save states I’ve no idea.

Just rescued a rabbit from the dark world, then he became a blacksmith and offered to temper Link’s sword, only now he won’t give it back, will he. Now Link’s doing the strike animation with no sword in his hand, looks a total prick. Thanks dickhead rabbit.


I seem to remember you have to wait a bit to get it back. Can you rest in that game? Or go to the dark world and back again and see if it works then.


I remember LttP being ludicrously hard. Not even just mechanically, so many bits where it’s not obvious what you’re supposed to do next at all.


I used a walkthrough quite liberally playing it on the SNES mini. That curtain threw me early on and it was downhill from there. Having to do the same for Final Fantasy VI. Never played either back in the day. Do wonder if I’m bad at games or just very impatient.


Downloaded the demo for Yakuza 6; if I like it, I might download either 0 or the PS4 remake of the first one (cause they’re both about a tenner on PSN atm)


also watching a video of Silent Hill Downpour that makes me kinda wish I’d picked it up cheap when I still had a last-gen console


Yakuza 0 so gookood


I’ll def check em out. It doesn’t seem immediately like it’d be up my street, but I’ve heard so much about them (and particularly about their weird absurdist stuff) that I’m really curious.


You could save on the snes version. Think it had an extra chip in the cart.


Finding it very difficult to find time to play my favourite video games of late, mostly due to feeling a need to be outdoors in the summer and puberty-related issues.


Ah yeah, but save states on Virtual Console are a step beyond. You can save in the middle of a room before trying something tricky, then immediately go back and try again if you screw it up. You can even save in between phases of a boss fight!

I’d certainly have packed it in by now without them - this is a tough cookie of a game, definitely from an era with fewer distractions for kids so you just keep plugging away.

I mean I’m hopelessly stuck in Super Metroid too, but without save states I’d still be in the car park


PC gamers with amazon or twitch prime.


Got my sword back! Then I found a treasure chest that started following me around, until some random in the desert opened it and it contained… an empty bottle. Was expecting a ghost or something, like in Link’s Awakening, but it was actually just the recycling in the magic walking treasure chest. Whaaaat


Yay! Did the warping to Dark World and back work?

Empty bottles are actually very useful. You might be able to fill them with potions or at healing fountains maybe? (It’s a bit blurry) But best thing to do is use the net (you have the net right?) to catch fairies which will then auto res you if you die. Very useful for boss fights.


Ah yeah, I’ve got the net - will start canning fairies asap!

Amazing that that was such an involved puzzle for such a random reward! Now I’m in the ice cave - slippy-slidey ice levels absolutely do my nut in, why are there spikes everywhere, who lives like this aaaaaargh


Not sure if you’ve heard of him, but there’s this chap called Ganon…


The guy from Smash Bros?! Omg I bet I have to rescue the Ice Climbers


love that in old zelda games, empty bottles are one of the most precious commodities


I’m bored and looking through my spreadsheet:

. since January 2016 I’ve completed 91 videogames

. 46 on PC, 13 on PS4, 8 on Xbox One, 8 on Switch, 4 on Vita, some others through emulation.

. Average of 3.37 games completed a month

. Busiest month was August 2017 with 8 games completed (all the Halos) and the leanest was October 2017 with 1 game (Super Mario Bros on NES)

. Only game completed twice in 3 years was Doom (2016) which I finished on PS4 when it came out then on PC last year.



I love a good stat attack.