A gaming thread for 2018



knew that google spreadsheet would come in handy for something!


Bloody love Xcom 2


Really got to get back to the DiX campaign. Gungeon and the Darkest Dungeon DLC has completely occupied my non-World Cup time.


got Yakuza and Yakuza 0. reallu dont like them so far, worth perservering?


Yakuza 0 is incredible m8’. You done the kareoke? Stick with the story it’s great.


This reminds me of how at work, with the old spreadsheets I had to manage, I’d sometimes spend lunchtime working out averages and other fun stats.

I’m a real fun guy


was trying to remember all the excel wizardry from my office days when I was doing this earlier. I could only recall CONCATENATE and VLOOKUP. All my skills gone :frowning:


ive been playing the first one more. might just swerve it and go onto 0?


About to get Thimbleweed Park from Steam while it’s still cheap. Something not too long to play to keep me from DEADLINE FREAKOUT MAYHEM


Zero is the first in the series and the best overall. I’ve been playing since the first came out on PS2 and it’s probably my favourite. Great origin story, great minigames, many hilarious (if a little gross) side quests and the kareoke scenes are just piss funny.


Kiwami is probably the weakest of the modern ones. But Kiwami 2 is looking ace so if you end up enjoying 0 you’ll wanna blast through Kiwami


ive got Kiwami, remake of the first one? just seems a slight chore, dont really like how long the cut scenes are so i skip them. ill give it a go though, might try playing 0 through instead


Omg. Don’t skip the cut scenes. Part of the joy of Yakuza is the mad almost kitchen sink crime drama and the characters, especially the dynamic between Majima and Kazuma. Fuck. Don’t skip em. although yes. There are a lot in this series, so if you don’t like cut scenes, these games aren’t for you.


Oh and all the side stories are like self contained little domestic/social tales with recurring characters throughout the series. The localisation on the recent games is great.

Sorry, I’m rambling. Yakuza is pretty much my favourite current game series.


i skipped the very start of Kiwami cause it was taking sooo long. ill give it a chance thoigh


just got rescued by the Fuel Rats in Elite Dangerous! :smiley:


Awww aren’t they the best?

Have you thought about getting a HOTAS yet? It’s a game changer. Love mine, it makes the game about 50% more fun.


I love those guys! I’ve never been brave enough to come close to needing their help though. Commander Space Horse rarely strays that far from home.


nah I don’t really think I’m that committed to it yet. maybe if I find myself spending a bit more time on it. maybe.

I’m absolutely amazed by the whole thing, such an incredible gaming community! like I’m a total noob and the reason I got stuck was I had just read up on fuel scooping for the first time but wasn’t able to buy a scoop at the station I was at, so just kept going on my route anyway and got completely stuck. was wary of asking for help when I probably didn’t have that much to lose being so new, but they were super helpful and quick and they even stuck around for a while after to give me tips on fuel management and navigation and stuff!


That’s fair, I own the game twice so I decided at that point I was pretty committed. Although as my “gaming husband” has moved over to xbox again I use it less.

I’ve run out of fuel once, lucky one of my mates was around to help. I’ve heard great things about the fuel rats though they have saved many an insurance pay out.