A gaming thread for 2018



Ah, what a lovely bunch of guys. I love it when gaming communities band together to do something nice like this. It’s nice to be reminded that not everyone online is a steaming bell end.


should hate this game really; it’s obviously a marketing job (people like sons of anarchy! people like walking dead!) the main character is literally called deacon st john, it’s an obvious open world last of us knock off, it’s got zombies, those graphics are definitely shopped for marketing, and it looks scripted af, but i dunno…might wait for the reviews and the discounts and pick it up at some point




Some Nintendo thing is on where you can spend your penoid points on actual free games (they never do this).

Just picked up SteamWorld: Dig as a freebie and it seems lovely so far. Kind of a cross between Shantae and (stay with me here) PP Hammer and his Pneumatic Weapon on the Amiga, with Rick Dangerous vibes, retro af.

Runbow Pocket is in this offer too, anyone given that a spin?


Strong recommend the sequel to Steamworld, it’s even better.


To be fair that is the best it’s looked. Previous marketing content I’ve seen has made it look dry and boring. Looking forward to the reviews.


@Bamnan There’s a new game out called pic-a-pix. It’s basically more Picross by another developer.


i’ve been playing ‘slay the spire’ for all of 20 minutes and all i can say is “oh no. i had things to do this weekend”


Is that just on Wii U and 3DS?


Think so, yeah


great game. Happily lost hours to that on losing runs. Very satisfying building up your deck


oooo good looking out, thanks!

Will definitely pick this up when the Picross itch strikes again!


didn’t think i’d like a so-called deckbuilding game but after ‘three moves ahead’ were raving about it so much and it was on sale i dived in and whoops i’ve played 7 hours today.
it has so much potential.


ughhghhgh this stupid game is crack. next thing you know i’ll be playing ‘magic: the gathering’ or something


You should get into hearthstone


as a sometime Hearthstone addict I would strongly recommend against this


She should play hearthstone and buy all the booster packs and then grind out arena tournaments and get deep into Hearthstone competitive scene and probably take out a credit card and increase the rent in her flat to make up for her new amazing hobby/habit/career


gonna have to disagree here too I’m afraid! :wink:


yeah no, not into pay-to-win thx


But the only way you ever win anything is by paying someone to play for you because u cant git gud