A gaming thread for 2018



Had a couple of mammoth Subnautica sessions over the weekend and it’s safe to say I’m in love. It’s stand-offish way of letting you figure out its systems by yourself has meant I’m probably progression much slower than average - I’ve spent a lot of time labouring under the assumption that I needed to build a foundation under every bit of base I construct, otherwise I’d have a much bigger base by now - but I really like that about it. And that parts of the plot seem to be happy to happen without you. It’s a very simple cycle of grind and progression but I’ve not been as happy to be locked into one of these for quite some time.


still smashing an hour or so on fortnite each evening. just fantastic fun




Has anyone ever completed the secret hell level on Spelunky?

Managed to get there a couple of times and been brutally killed, it’s really difficult.


Shin Megami Tensei: Strange Journey Redux on 3DS is £10 off atm, couldn’t resist…


I’ve got to the boss I think three times. Died each time for want of a shotgun.


I’m stuck, as I put it down for so long I don’t know where I’ve searched for the parts for something. I might start again.


Worked from home yesterday so I got some gaming in (on my break and after work, obvs). Played a bunch of Defiance. It’s as it was before really but acceptable by MMO standards visually. Not sure what it is but I keep wanting to go back, I think it’s that sweet sweet loot grind.

That new warframe content looks AMAZING


I’ve been searching almost entirely at random - hope that doesn’t come back to bite me later on. It’s such a pleasant grinding cycle though that I imagine starting over wouldn’t be too much of a chore.


Yeah, and I’m not that far in. Also, I get to see the ship explode again.


Been playing Tales of Berseria.

I’ve never really gotten on with the Tales series, but this one has such a strong opening 2 hours. I’m enjoying it, although the backtracking and tired engine is a bit of a slog. It’s very pretty, and I know its also on PS3, so I can forgive its lesser elements.


It’s a pretty good explosion. Though if you’re not far in it’s worth noting that there are more parts of all the stuff you need to scan to blueprint things than you need - you need to scan 3 for the Seamoth for instance but there are way more than 3 parts scattered around the place. I’ve been making progress by just scooting about the place with no particular plan and it seems to be going well.


Hollow Knight and Xcom 2 on heavy rotation for me. Nothing much to report except I enjoy them both very very much

Just got a £35 Amazon voucher so might splash out on something…new soon. Imagine!


alright lads i’ve bought this game for my ps3. it’s called ‘destiny’ and o yous heard of it? it was £2.50 in cex. i’ve just been playing that. but now i’m going out for a nice walk to look at some boats.


Des…tiny? Nope. Nothing. You’ve made that up


all the responses to the recent arenanet controversy from “gamers” are as usual, incredibly depressing.


Don’t follow gaming controversies


tbf this one surrounds a company being quite shite to its workers so does deserve the oxygen of publicity to an extent


Dont read comment sections for Gaming controversies