A gaming thread for 2018




it better be fortnightly


not sure. it’s issue #1 but “the world’s biggest fortnite magazine!” !!!


The only other one is printed on A5.


no… get out


pretty good comments on Waypoint, Eurogamer as usual is a cesspool. Think I’m not going to bother with them anymore just look at Digital Foundry videos on youtube


Bit of a shame, love Guild Wars 2.


Xcom 2 is an extremely good game eh.

I recommend dumping your first campaign and starting again when you’ve got the tactics nailed, I was too far behind on my first one and so far on this one I haven’t lost a guy and I’m about a dozen missions in.


I bought ‘Just Cause 2’ again. I’m fucked.


This thumbnail really tickled me


In news from 2016: I’ve just played through Firewatch, what a great game. #

Don’t get the criticisms of the ending, I loved it.


mint isn’t it? one of my favourite indie games.


I did that too, felt a bit guilty about abandoning my squad though


not bath tub geralt. can’t be a real pc gamer account.


Been playing some Far Cry 5. I think it came in for a bunch of criticism when it was released for basically playing exactly the same as all the other Far Cry games, but it’s still quite a lot of fun sneaking around with a bow and arrow hunting cult members before being discovered and having everything go completely haywire.

Also, it’s absolutely beautiful to look at. I’m playing on a now fairly old GTX970, and I’m still able to run it at a solid 30fps on my snazzy 21:9 monitor at 3440x1440 with all the settings at to ultra. No idea how they’ve managed that.

I mean, look at it!


Yup I replayed it on my Xbox One X, I had enough after beating 2 of the head cultists as it felt a tad drawn out doing a 3rd but I had a good time doing the Far Cry thing. The engine is incredible, it looked mindblowing on the One X with HDR support and running at native 4k at a constant 30fps, it were a treat for the eyes. Now if only everyone could optimize their engines like that!


Sank about 8 hours into Alien Isolation today cos I was hungover. Fuck me. This game is astonishing. What an underrated beast of a game.


It’s brilliant. I just finished replaying it recently and I thought it still stands up really well. It’s way better than any of the movies after the first two.


Absolutely. I think it’ll age beautifully tbh, very clean look and so faithful to the original films. And like you say, easily the best thing attached to the alien franchise since aliens.


i got ‘Diablo III’. i think it might not be all that good? i’m just clicking on things until they die and then picking up loot. still, nice to see what the ‘fuss’ is about. and it was only £8 or something.