A gaming thread for 2018



Have you been playing Infinite? I just can’t enjoy it as much as MvC3


I haven’t played it, tbh all I’ve played recently is Pokemon as usual :sweat_smile:


Genuinely worried a lot of stuff that made the game great will be removed.


You will get the option later to clear your points and re-allocate them.

Put them into stuff you use. I think I powered up fire and shield as quickly as I could because they were my main signs.


I finished Fractured But Whole this afternoon. I’ve done nearly all the all the side missions and it took me 27 hours.


Solid game, the story wasn’t as coherent or funny as Stick of Truth but the gameplay was better.


I’m waiting for Stick of Truth to finish downloading (for free.) I think I’d feel a bit short-changed if that was all of the game.


What do we all think the odds are of a Switch port of these this year?


Pass - I don’t really follow other system news.


surely 'tendo aren’t going to be cool with southpark humour



They have Payday 2 on the store, family friendly only tendo seems to be a thing of the past. And remember, the N64 had Sout Park games on it.

Still think it’s unlikely doe.


Dont normally buy remasters but man Dark souls is the exception. PC remaster too http://www.pcgamer.com/dark-souls-remastered-confirmed-for-pc-release-date-set/?utm_content=buffer3d3e3&utm_medium=social&utm_source=facebook&utm_campaign=buffer_pcgamerfb


Just completed another run through of dark souls today too & all. Gwyn took me around 25 actual attempts. Got him in the end. Enjoying breezing through the first bit of NG+

Going to have to buy a switch I think


Assuming all of you DS nerds have already seen this


Some decent bargains on the playstation store. I’d recommend Ni No Kuni if you can accommodate the size in GB on a PS3 hard drive plus the Resident Evil re-make. Killer Is Dead is fun too although not in the sale if you like Suda51.


I was led to believe you died roughly every 10 seconds in Dark Souls. Was I misled?


Never played it, pal.


Ah the end of term parrying exam


It’s when you mis-strike and then he don’t stop punishing you absolutely relentless


I try the parry method for the first half a dozen attempts, then give up and just play chasies with him around the rock on the left. Much more effective and cowardly.