A gaming thread for 2018



played a bit of OG Tomb Raider on sega saturn last night. fucking hell, that game runs like shit on saturn. Odd since it was released a few weeks before the playstation version and hyped. Wank


Whats the spell or whatever that makes you do more damage but your slowly lose health? I used that and various other bits and pieces to raise my DPS with my stone dragon tail sword to stupid levels and then just chugged estus and hit him really hard. It worked.

I’ve completed DS1,2 and 3 , and bloodborne, without ever learning how to parry. Not sure whether to feel more shame or pride.


Fire within or something like that?

I can parry the knights with my eyes shut - makes the Anor Londo archers piss easy. Can do it with Gwyn but not 100% and if you miss one it’s usually instadeath.

Don’t feel it’s essential to DS but I’d hate to play BB without it - some of the bosses and enemies must be a major slog without using it.


That’s what I ended up doing



I feel like doing a whole series from start to end like I did with Halo last year, any suggestions?


At the risk of perma-banning…



I found with Bloodborne that side stepping and slashing worked really well for me.

Plus I’m a filthy casual who uses summons at every opportunity.


I’m going to start a Dark Souls thread of its own so we don’t clog up this thread and incur wrath.



they kinda look like shit
don’t seem very deep as far as RPGs go
I’m not that masochistic.

I like the atmosphere they seem to have though


I thought about doing all the final fantasies but that’s just ridiculous, nobody has that much time!

Something with a throughline narrative would be good though.


Absolutley not for everyone and the first time I tried to play DS1 I hated it. But if it’s atmosphere you’re after I’ve never met a series of games like it.

Anyway - I’ve created a separate thread so I don’t get banned from this one.


I was eyeing up the Ys games after VIII was announced for Switch, but honestly I haven’t got a clue what goes on there.
The Wiki page is baffling in the extreme.


I seem to spend more time and get more enjoyment out of imagining myself playing through a series than playing it. Weird!

Was looking at doing all the mainline GTA games yesterday evening and again that’s insanity


hmm if you kept it only to core missions then up until gtaV it’s a relatively fast playthrough


you reckon? I bet it’s 20 hours for each probably


also I remember GTA 1 being fucking insanely hard


also I don’t like all their dick jokes etc hmmm


GTA1 is a total cunt later in, agreed. But the bliss of GTA2 is worth it


mmm GTA2 was so good and weird. Like sci-fi but with weird 1950s cars? Made no sense


yep super vivid colours. absolutely loved the yakuza shit