A gaming thread for 2018



Don’t worry, your avatar is still going. I think you did get badly wounded in that mission, which explains your relative absence.


does it scan any damn quicker?


I believe so, more importantly that time is worth a lot more. I went to a planet last night and flew away a good 300k richer just by causally scanning.


Microsoft riding the good will train by making every aspect of this awesome controller as well thought out as possible


Fired up NMS for the first time since the update yesterday, I was up until 1 finding the ideal lakeside location for my base. It’s a really good game now, although I did put 19 hours into the shit version so maybe I can’t be trusted.


Trying out Halcyon 6 and FTL for the first time. Slightly fiddly on a tablet, but doable with this installed:


which either adds an on-screen touchpad, or makes the whole screen a touchpad! Think this might be the way to play Monkey Island games on a tablet with no mouse :+1:


Periodic plug for this great charity that have been doing brilliant work in this regard for years now:



I can’t make my mind up if I really like it or not.

I’ve put 50 hours in this week.

All the individual elements of it are incredibly shallow and dull. Every planet has the exact same 4 or 5 building types which result in the exact same rewards. Every space station is the same and your Freighter’s crew get’s swapped out for whichever race is the dominant one in a system every type you warp jump which goes to show how formulaic and interchangeable everything is.

Looks nice and is relaxing though


my god, that is a game changer, you might have saved some of my gaming experiences!!! I’ve got both those games and both I can’t play properly because of the need for right clicks.



These are to be added on Game Pass this month


Or today for that matter


Hitman is the DBs.


This is it. It’s still buggy and the gameplay isn’t that riveting but it just gets its hooks into you. I just played for 5 hours like it was nothing.


started building up a farm now, reckon that’ll be the real money maker for me soon!


I suck at stealth game but every time i watch Giantbomb play it I want to buy it, but know there is a huge risk it wont click. But now that I have it in my collection I guess I’ll download and try it out!


Ooo Hitman will be interesting. I’d like Ruiner to be good (because-cyberpunk) but top down shooters yawn


found new money making scheme:

  1. buy game on steam
  2. play game
  3. get trading cards
  4. don’t like game
  5. refund game
  6. sell trading cards
  7. ???
  8. profit!!! (5p)


Alright, Warren Buffett.


Artifact release date set for November 28th. Yeah well done on technically being a 2018 release. What am I supposed to do until then, go outside? Pricks.


Play that MtG beta you were trying to palm off on everyone?