A gaming thread for 2018



I’ve been trying. I don’t like it. It’s a perfect example of why you need to design digital card games as digital games from the ground up, rather than trying to fully implement a cardboard game.


(five keys left if anyone wants to see what I mean)


gentlefriends here is the one i need in my life

also wanna play this happy few, unsure where else to go for my next gamin fix


What’s the issue with doing it like that?


Upkeep. Any actions?

Draw step. Any actions?

First main step. Any actions?

Second main step. Any actions?

Combat. Any actions?

Declare attackers. Any actions?

Declare blockers. Any actions?

Damage step. Any actions?

End of turn step. Any actions?


Ah, yes, excellent point. I never bothered learning the phases. Tended to just treat it as:

Main phase inc optional attack.

Instants can be played at any time.

Obviously I was a complete monster.


so in NMS next, i fixed my ship, got the base computer, found some planets, mined some shit, then i flew and found one of those space stations, landed on it and…i have no idea what to do next. like the only two missions i have were given by my exosuit or whatever, they were there when i started the game. i have to collect more of some substances. but the aliens on the space ports aren’t offering me any of their missions. i’m just kind of aimlessly wandering around the space port without a clue. getting a bit bored tbh. keep running out of fuel for my ship, surely i can’t have to keep mining for fuel every ten minutes? also how do i upgrade anything. bleh.

where are the freighters and space wars baby? where my photons at?


Most of the time in meatspace it doesn’t matter right, you just explicitly say when you’re doing the thing. In this, though, when you get to the point when both players have a one mana cycling card in hand and a free mana it gets excruciating. Plus there’s all the ability windows when a permanent enters play and triggers an ability and arhlljhvxss jk kkkngxssdgj


follow the story line missions to unlock the other things


my mate’s point ‘n’ click game just got its steam page so everyone go wishlist it pls to make him feel popular

edit: oh yeah and it has a demo


What’s so mysterious about wool anyway?


i guess you’ll have to find out in the new hotly tipped point ‘n’ click adventure game, ‘the mystery of woolley mountain’, coming soon(?) to PC, MAC, Steam, PS4, XboxOne, Switch , iPhone, iMac and Android

edit: i assume he means ‘ipad’ not imac’



You should have three story missions (I recommend the traveler one as you get a new ship). I’ve really enjoyed following it and it’s lead me to the base building stuff etc. Much better than the Atlas stuff.

If you go from system to system you will randomly asked to save a freighter, if you do so and talk to the capt, you’ll be given that for free. So, if it’s not fit, ignore the fight as I’ve got a uggers one and I don’t like it.

That story line though guided me through the game though, and to be honest I’ve rather enjoyed it.


will give this a go tonight with a few beers methinks


i know i desperately need a new multitool but look at this damn upgrade. i don’t want it to go!!!


I want one of those!! I might pick it up. Get scanning, get some nanites and see if you can find another one!


woah never seen one of those before!


and @bamnan i found it in a random crate!!! that’s what hurts so much


such an stupid and infuriating design decision not being able to take tech with you. :rage::rage::rage: