A gaming thread for 2018



got a sick farm going in NMS now!

Making some serious space credits from selling living glass


Weird thing to cultivate, but ok.


One of many which add to the grind. To be honest, you’ll be able to find a similar replacement via the vendors. I’ve got a good 2k nanites just from scanning etc and I’ve been buying LOADS of stuff.


I’ve not really made much of a base yet, mostly because I started mine on a shit planet. I’m going to a base in a mountain at some point.


Weird thing to make a pla


i too started on a meh planet, and was delayed on my first new planet for 2 hours cos i kept getting killed by sentinels i wasn’t equipped to fight while i was trying to upgrade to the base computer.


ok i’ll try give it up next time i get a next tool offer (shut up) but it’s all on your head


can make a cool million credits in 15 minutes now. Just gonna expand my farm massively, forget exploring the stupid galaxy


don’t fight them then! just hide until they go away. unless you were unlucky enough to start on a planet with extreme sentinels (which i doubt they’d do)


no man’s stardew


no, not that unlucky. i kept hopping and running until i lost them, but then i got stuck in a cave and couldn’t find my way out for about an hour.

now i have the copper mine tool so i just blast fools who front.


This is how I often play Mine… StardewCraft.


last sentinel fight i couldn’t be bothered with i mined a personal cave, let them follow me in, ran out and then covered up the hole. felt real good.


what’s everyone naming their ships?

I’m going for an insect theme.

Curious Cricket
Amorous Gnat

and my Freighter
Grateful Wasp


this is fiendishly excellent


“sentinals searching”? bet they are. each other. pervy bastards


Have started Witcher 3…


… it gets better.


i am one of those people that’s quite a zealous completist, especially in the early stages of a game. So I am riding around to all of the fucking question marks for the benefit of a herb i don’t need repeatedly at the mo.


you’ll find that a bit trying in Skellige