A gaming thread for 2018



noted. tbh much like skyrim i’ll do it until i get bored and then just hammer the main storyline to complete


you’ll want to do as many side-quests in this one as you can find. i can’t remember how many of them are found by question marks. in fact it’s annoying me thinking how i might’ve missed some. hmm. might need to google it.


*minor spoiler

just reminded myself of the goat quest and how geralt expresses every gamer’s inner thoughts. it’s beautiful.


say goodbye to your weekends, your job, your friends, your…


:smiley: i handled skyrim and i’m learning football manager. i got this bro.


are you talking about that quest or that quest?


the GOAT quest where you escort a GOAT


ohhhhh THAT quest!


this guy pros. how many skyrim mods tho? that’s the real man’s quest. any fewer than 200 then delete yr account


:DD i have to admit when i understood the scale of modding it’s the exact moment i had to back the fuck away.


took me a long long time to realise one of the last quests was a Snow White reference.


I do this too but @cowtipping is right about Skellige.


… soon.


how about when you meet the blank and they know where to find blank, but you have to make a blank between the blank blanking all the blank and just blanking the blank that can blank? probably my favourite quest from the main game.

also a big fan of blank from blood and wine.


Chill out Lilly Savage.


“Run, you stupid asshole!”


honestly thought you meant “greatest of all time” quest, i.e., the witches or the possession quest. i mean geralt does react the way we would. took me far too long to realise you meant the actal goat :goat: quest

thoroughly done myself here


Think my DiX Ironman save is fucked, you guys. :frowning_face:


Really enjoying god of war now. There are a few niggles in the exploring elements and the skills, armour, weapon upgrading is mental but it looks stunning, I’m enjoying the combat and heavily invested in the story. Hoping to finish the main storyline before some walloper spoils it for me.


Not good. Looks like I’m going to have to wrap this up. Ironman and modded games: Not even once.