A gaming thread for 2018



Does this mean we’ve ended on a cliffhanger?


A truly tragic one for a particularly prominent gaming thread regular. Probably get the final report up on Sunday or Monday, going to go drown my sorrows.




Oh pal, I’m sorry to see this. :pensive:




I love new NMS but some things about it are so infuriating. I found a broken ship as part of one of the primary missions, and rather than let me keep my old ship on my new freighter (there’s plenty of room) it deleted my old ship along with a load of precious cargo/upgrades. Now I’m stuck with this broken shuttle which handles like a dog and has no usable slots.

What annoys me most was that the prompt was ‘add ship to your collection’ rather than framing it as some sort of exchange. And I didn’t even get a warning that I would lose all my cargo. One ship is not a collection!!!1


Wait!!! I found the option to summon my other ship! Everything is fine.


I love overwatch


my skycraper farm in NMS is becoming pretty unstable. So many plants in there the game can’t handle spawning them all so they end up popping in and out all the time and making the building shake, pretty cool effect really.

Getting a cool £7 million credits for each harvest which takes about 30 minutes to reset so will be able to get those huge ships soon :slight_smile:


i’m gonna play come join me nerd


also think we need some new OW recruits. gotta be some lurkers here. come on


I too love Overwatch but i’m on ps4


Finished the main plotline of God of War now. Overall a very enjoyable game.

They’ve not got the exploring thing sorted which is going to make sweeping up side quests and collectibles a bit annoying but otherwise a very good game.




Please expand.


yo momma expands?


ah fuck. i just launched the blizzard app and it looks like i drunkely installed ‘hearthstone’. send help


As well as besmirching the good name of my maw.


playing Far Cry 4. finding it very fun

never wanna play Yakuza again



Where you go