A gaming thread for 2018



My PC died on me. Twice. Y’know it hasn’t done this since I last tried to play with DiSers. This place is cursed.


Can’t believe it went down a third time. No wait…yes I can.

I’m gonna have a proper Overwatch session with you guys one of these days if it kills me. This bastard PC will not defeat me.


our brief time together was fun. ty DiS for connecting us <3


Playing Ys 8 on switch. Dig it


I’ve got 3 S class scanner boosts on mine (that is max), and I made about 3 million in 2 or 3 systems. Got myself a S class fighter last night that looks like a weird looking owl. It looks just like this bad boy:


Screenshot please!!



Drowned in XCom Season 2 Episode 2

Shortly after the Perv debacle, DiX extract some tantalising intel about another alien site of interest. First though, a run-of-the-mill mission to waylay an Advent party van in the suburbs of Krakow must be seen to.

Early on we’re confronted with the kind of dilemma that arises for a small geurilla army daily. An unaware Advent patrol stationed in an old petrol station gives us the prime opportunity to plant a grenade in their midst and do massive damage - except there’s a civilian right there with them. What to do?

“Shame,” says genius-level bombadier Hexagram.

Karma is a bitch, and the giant angry floating torso that caused havoc on the last Facility mission comes swooping in just as Ant and Jazz Ballet are casing the van. Colin saves Hexagram from getting dunked, but even Jazz’s fearsome double barrelled shotgun can’t finish the awful thing off, and it once again makes its escape. No matter - no casualties, successful mission.

It’s finally time to move on a story mission. The intel suggests the aliens are holding some sort of multi-day festival near Volgograd - and they’ve gone out of their way to not give DiX press passes. Stung, we send a crack team (and @aboynamedgoo ) to gatecrash it.

We see a gaggle of sectoids in the glitter-infused gloom making their way inside, and try tagging along with them. Jessie the security team is not having it. She barely seems to try this time, and once DiX overcome her they learn why.

Chryssalids! Seemingly dozens of them!

@profk sets a row of portaloos on fire, which panics the xenomorphic swarms enough for us to approach the main stage. Just in time for the headline act to emerge, in front of a crowd of delirious, moshing chryssalids: A gigantic pokeball.

DiX throw every last explosive trick and ability they have at the horribly be-weaponed crowd, until at last the pokeball floats alone. Adybongo has the chance to not allow it to act at all… and…

He pays for it with his life.

Furious, @colossalhorse slays the showstopper gobstopper, and DiX swarm the stage to a chorus of boos. Whatever, folks - show’s over. You’ve all got families to go nest with.

Losing a sniper is a blow, particularly hard on the heels of losing Perv, but DiX seem now to be on the up-and-up. And the next mission provides a stunning opportunity to swell our ranks with a name I wasn’t expecting to see ever again.

@cowtipping survived the dreadful second encounter with Meowth! She’s been held in captivity this entire time! But what shape will we find her in? Will we find nothing but a hollowed out husk, a mere tragic memory of our brave grenadier, following months of interrogation and torture?

We will never know.


I got a quick question. Why was @cowtipping allowed to be brought back from the dead and I wasn’t. She was the Poochie of the cast


I’m glad I did something of use before this thing ended. I bloody hate those floating deathball bastards.


BONUS: Particularly annoying is the fact I never got to use my new psionic soldier @Scagden, who I promised a position to long ago.

Some more posters, featuring @colinzealuk, @profk, @Antpocalypsenow, @aggpass, @jazzballet and others.

@Yesiamaduck You actually died on that mission. Cowtipping got mind-controlled.


This is nonsense, you’ll hear from my lawyer


Haven’t seen game of thrones, sorry


I love it! Did you do this in creative or normal? It’s amazing!


i’m the damn best. u go 2 hell


Raw, brutalist efficiency. Nice. I saw a YouTube video where someone had built a base in the middle /around a trade port and it looked fucking cool, like an actual blade runner thing.


This is going on my LinkedIn profile :+1:

Cheers @Parsefone, these have been awesome!


has the crash ruined your save file? that’s well gutting


It’s not completely corrupted, but it won’t let me move on the next mission, effectively ending it. Ironman plus a lot of mods was always a risky proposition. And yeah, it sucks arse - I’m pretty sure we would have gone on to win the campaign from here, and there had been more incident and excitement along the way than I was expecting.

The epitaph will have to be the aliens could only beat DiS through the most underhanded of means.


just in normal mode. Took quite a while to get all the glass and carbon for it. Probably somewhere between 10-20 hours of building and planting in total. Think there’s about 13 floors of plants in there. I would build it taller but I’m afraid it’ll completely crash my game if I do so