A gaming thread for 2018



ah man, terrible scenes. thanks for doing these though, enjoyed them a lot and wouldn’t have given the game a go myself without them


I always wanted to be a psionic bench warmer! :grinning: Dream realised!


I’ve started playing God of War - really liking it

I’m only really early into, and this nagging feeling that Im progressing along the story and leaving a lot of side things not done - like i can’t do them yet?? Like there’s cyphers to solve, and then there’s locked tombs with pink stuff on them I can’t open -
i’m assuming it’s about skilling up, and progressing in the story and I will get back to them at some point? I think i’m just finding the size of it all so HUGE! Looks amazing



This is like when someone paraphrases a wikipedia article and submits it as their homework


He’s gone.

Not sure IGN had a choice really. Pretty sad for all involved. Peer and Brian seem like great, senior leads who’d trusted Filip and invested time in him, and seeing that not work out will hurt them.

Plagiarism isn’t nice, but it often occurs because of someone’s insecurities or admiration of another writer. It’s no excuse, but haven’t been shown examples of my own output before by other designers claiming it as their own, it’s rarely malicious.

Hope Filip can bounce back and not drown in all the trolling and that NVC find a new host.


Deffo had no choice. He’s had a massive impact on the sites reputation.


ign’s had much bigger issues damaging its reputation but you can betcha this will be one gamers remember more


Clear evidence of the lack of Ethics in Games Journalism. Which is of course what Actually, It’s About.



I will be listening to NVC with interest this week. Might even try to tune in.


Just started playing Killing Floor (the first one). Good fun isn’t it. Some of the matches have been absolute carnage. Give me a shout if you fancy a game


I’m not venturing into the Switch thread (because I’m seeing how high I can get the blue number to go) but I’m really not sold on Dead Cells. On paper it ticks a great deal of boxes for me but after a handful of runs the combat doesn’t feel nearly as satisfying as I was led to believe. And I’m not really feeling any urge to keep pushing on to see what’s out there. Am I just burned out on 2D action platformers or is it not all that?


You tried a shield/parry build yet?


I think that’s the first one I tried? Maybe I just need to Git Gud.


I’ve been enjoying trying out different stuff. The starter bow feels crap but the duplex one is good. There’s an excellent freezing spell that’s a good alternative to shields, etc etc etc. Plus taking different mutations and stuff has been interesting and has already allowed for some different approaches.

I’m liking it a lot, but I’ve not been playing many 2D platformers other than Hollow Knight and a bit of Donkey Kong, so maybe in enjoying the novelty.


I only started listening to it when Filip was there, who was host before?


I think I probably need to give it a bit more time when I’m less burned out on the genre. It absolutely should be my thing and so many folks who’s opinions I respect adore it so it’s baffling that it’s leaving me so cold.


It’s only natural that any game would leave you cold after Commander Horse was thwarted by the Great Chrysalid Crash Dump of 2018.


It just pains me that after I’d done so much to undermine #teamdis’ efforts it was a crash that finished us all off.


Imagine how I felt. I’d FINALLY learnt which end of my sniper rifle the bullets come out of!


Seems pretty harsh to fire the guy, would’ve been nice to hear an explanation first. Gotta placate the angry children though