A gaming thread for 2018



Oh so that’s what those things we were carrying were for! No wonder @imaperv was so pissed when she got captured!


I’d assume there was a conversation had, but if you’re a journalist plagarism is probably a fair case of gross misconduct; you’re damaging your employer’s reputation and causing them to breach copyright.


yeah you’re probably right I just hate angry gamers


Kotaku found examples of yer man plagiarising stuff from before he was at IGN as well (end of the article):


Guy called Jose Otero. He was an absolute gent and really thorough. But like several of IGN’s previous Nintendo reporters, he went in house at Nintendo itself and now does something top secret…


Probably doesn’t write dialogue for Off the Hook.


Just finished ending E of Nier Or Tomato

the leaving a message for other players thing is really lovely and funny. Didn’t delete my save data tho




Yeeehaw cowboy



“animal pelts can be…” nooooooooooooo, enough with the animal pelts please games


It was a bit underwhelming really wasn’t it? The robotic voice didn’t help! Also, having to worry about the morale of your gang really doesn’t sound fun - it’s the kind of thing that just stresses me out.


yeah the gang bit did give me horrible flashbacks of “niko it’s your cousin! let’s go bowling!”

still gonna be great though, obvs


do you think they’ll write any good characters this time?


Yeah all I want to do is gallop my way through incredible environments and hog tie some motherfuckers so I’ll be happy!


I think the ability to explore and set up a camp to progress the story is a very smart idea. Gets round scripted events nicely.

Fair few ideas there borrowed from other games and definitely has some strong BOTW vibes structurally. Not got a PS4 so won’t be playing it, but intriguing to see how they’re starting to move the GTA formula on…


Loaded up melee with one of about 6 of our memory cards. Turns out we’ve played almost 3000 hours on one character on one memory card. :joy:


I think that’s minutes and seconds. 2886 hours would mean each match was over 3 hours long!


oh, you’re right! 48 hours 'aint bad I guess.


also worth bearing in mind that we’ve accidentally wiped these cards on a few occasions.