A gaming thread for 2018





YES. oh god imma download it again


This is the wrongest thing I’ve heard this year, and that includes this fucking abomination:


I have GTA1, GTA2 and GTA London all in one set in my house! Even came with special stickers from Rockstar. Might give GTA2 a bash at the weekend.


used to be free on rockstar’s site but they got rid of that of course. Not sure how’s best to get it now, I’ve still got my PS1 copy and can play via emulation


i have an emulator copy for mac :slight_smile:


Always had a soft spot for GTA London.

We are the mods, we are the mods, we are, we are, we are the mods.


Saturn wasn’t designed for 3d rendering. It could do it but was a pain in the arse to program. One of the reasons the Saturn failed.


Working my way through the story missions in Just Cause 3 now that I have liberated the whole country (not really sure why, just felt cathartic to do it). Jeez what a horrorshow of the worst type of escort and ‘defend the base’ type missions they are. Clearly the developers spent a lot of time creating a vast, great looking world and on top of that dumped some turd ‘shoot that helicopter down, protect that truck’ tasks on top. Waste. Still think its a pretty fun game though, even just for smashing round in a fighter jet bombing the tits off some poorly guarded army outpost.


Meant to be a reply for @yuggy


yeah, im well into my saturn shit. i mean it can do 3D quite well when the dev knew how to use VDP 1 and 2 well - see the Shenmue prototype and Burning Rangers. But most 3D games were toss on it. The TR port doesn’t even use the 3D GPU properly.


Segregation is definitely the way forward.


Just Cause 2 was the same. Beautiful world, shockingly bad missions. Must pick up 3 at some point, even though I know I’ll be sucked back into it for hundreds of hours.


far cry 5 is looking fucking wonderful innit


SNES Mini is back in stock. Someone remind me that I have a million games to play and I don’t need it


u dont need it

I bought one, and put about 20 hours into FFVI, then its just sat there unloved.


mostly want to play A Link to the Past really, but I already have a RetroPie and they’ll probably release it for the Switch eventually anyway


100%ed everything in this game,even with the crappy ps4 framerate at the time. Just used to whack on some jazz in the background and spend ages just blowing things up and letting my mind wander. Really loved the dumb skydiving stuff too


Started Resi Evil 7. Holy shit its intense

Also tried MGS but after the prologue I took it back and swapped it for Sleeping Dogs


sleeping dogs is phenomenal