A gaming thread for 2018



can’t believe i’m playing heartstone. fucking cunts, the lot of you.


Never having played one of these games how guided is it?

I mean I can see you can roam over the world as much as you like but then other sections had your character chatting with someone and I could just see the options bottom right something like

And then they clicked ‘defuse’. To me it feels like there was a lot of the game there that was lightyears from stuff I played in the early 90s but that sort of basic selection interaction with other characters seems to be basically as it always was. Just wondering if that’s true or the video is giving a simplistic sense?


It’s no Eternal. Or that Elder Scrolls one. Or even Gwent.


I’ve no idea I’m afraid. Never played RDR.

Beat GTAV though and whilst it was a lot of fun, it was a slicker version of the PS2 titles in gameplay terms. Nowhere near as experimental or open as BOTW or, from what I’ve seen of it, Witcher 3.


might start Witcher 3 this weekend


do it


This is a spaffy video. It’s almost NSFW.


woah you actually do play this game and it’s not just a bluff!


Got my 3DS back from the console doctor, and the analogue stick is now working fine (can’t see if they actually replaced the battery as I don’t have a screwdriver). It’s working again! Very glad.

Shouts to all the consoles that didn’t pull through, forever in our hearts, #dsd


Guess Monster Hunter will be on PC from now on then. Those are massive numbers for such a ‘niche’ title


Not sure it is niche anymore, it’s capcom’s biggest selling game ever. Which is mad!

Have to say I’ve pretty much had my fill of it but god damn I got value for money. Little over 300 hours. Pretty rare a game will hold my attention for that long!


Divinity 2 is coming out on ps4 at the end of the month, that looks like it will be amazing. Combat is supposed to be deeper than xcom and story also great. I’m hearing there are substantial improvements made from the pc edition too, so seems bound for a GOTY nomination at least.

Also it looks like I’ll probably beat xcom 2 on impossible difficulty in the next week. Definitely the biggest gaming coup of my life.


What game is this?


Smash bros melee




you’re probably getting confused with the ‘enhanced’ edition, which is free update

i had enough of a nightmare clicking on the animals in the first game so i doubt any console version could be improved by playing it with a controller


No there’s a definitive edition on top of the enhanced version. Sonething like 30 hours extra content and lots of bugs fixed


I actually perfer playing Diablo on console because its a more engagin control system designed for console and believe divinity is the same


Divinity is much more of a tactical traditional pc rpg than Diablo though.

Seems a weird fit for consoles but more people playing a great game can only be good


the first game had its enhanced edition

the definitive version of 2 is coming to pc…