A gaming thread for 2018



bethesda just showed looooooooooads of ‘doom eternal’ at quakecon and well, it’s definitely more doom! it has player campaign invasions now so you can take over a demon and jump in someone else’s game.

and cacodemon is still super cute :slight_smile:


But… can you possess farts and blow enemies up with em?


You cannot do that in any Doom game. It’s possible you can do that in this Doom game. But I think it’s more probable you have it confused with a different video game series.


I just want a new game to implement that mechanic :frowning:


trying to think now if Doom was a good game or if it was just really stylish


It’s a good game, visceral.


my problem looking back is that the shooting was kinda not that good or challenging. Mostly I just ran at everything and glory killed them


The shooting was excellent, that game was all about the shooting, if you didn’t enjoy the shooting you wouldn’t have enjoyed the game at the time.


it was definitely fun to an extent but I dunno if I’d want to do that again for another game.

OG Doom with a few mods on is still more fun really


felt like you just shot everything until it was stunned then booted it in the face though. I guess that’s just the design decision they made


Game pass delivers again

  1. DOOM and RAGE just landed on Xbox Game Pass. 2. This is not a drill. 3. Here’s a link to prove it: https://xbx.lv/2nrAmGw


Please note that was the Xbox twitter wording, not mine



I don’t get it?

All I see is the need for more police because that icon means you got high crime rate near your parks, sort it our MAYOR


I’ve just started the first one. Enjoying it so far, although I didn’t know the old-schoolness extended to the save system and so I turned it on again last night to see that a couple of hours play had gone up in smoke. Reader, I turned it right back off again. Will grind through the repeat play tonight and get properly stuck in over the weekend I reckon.


Had to go into the garden and walk around a bit, that fucking catherine wheel boss in Slay the Spire pissed me off so much. Drew a whole fucking hand of Burn + 1 Block.


I’m kinda between the two of you. I didn’t think DOOM was quite as amazing as some reviews suggest mainly due to platforming being irritating and the levels being hard to navigate, but the plot, enemies, weapons, music and movement were really cool. I’ll be all over more of it.





You should know the plot doesn’t matter the moment Doom Guy wrecks the terminal giving exposition. But APPARENTLY the flavour text and logs tell a really good story if you look for it (I didn’t, so fucked if I know)

|Doom guys fist bumps a toy, thats all I needed plot wise.


That’s what I’m talking about. Loads of good hidden stuff in there.

Liked how the core tale felt relevant to the original classic but also worked as a modern game, myself. Not an easy balance to strike.