A gaming thread for 2018



the plot in doom really annoyed me tbh. should literally have been no plot or writing whatsoever in there.


I beat doom but it bored me rigid. Not my cup of tea. Dunno why I persevered tbh.


I was creeped out by the image of a man in balaclava hovering over a childrens’ playground


watched the new gameplay thing from Quakecon and it’s fucking lame the way people are whooping and hollering over different glory kills, like “fuck yeah rip it’s head off!” grow up ffs.


would have been a cool gameplay vid if they just got rid of all that crap


It’s Quakecon, an event exclusively occupied by press and fanboys


Honestly even this is a redundant distinction.


haven’t watched it yet but another episode of this

equals fuuuuckk yeeesss



Oh fuck! It’s an hour long! And he says that it’s the second last episode!


It’s such a good way to efficiently and conveniently get my fix of FF7-based nostalgia while learning interesting things about linguistics and culture and that

also where I’m at in the video, he’s just covering “I don’t even know what a reunion is!”


I started Thimbleweed Park. The only-very-slightly upgraded pixel art is really beautiful (I almost wish it had been more dedicated to meticulously recreating all the other elements of old LucasArts adventures – the ‘Game Paused’ bar, the menu UI, the font - bc I’m a big nerd), and gives it this great noir-ish atmosphere. So far, I just wish the humour less frequently went into the “ho ho I don’t remember that from the title screen har har”.

It’s weird how I find that kind of fourth-wall humour a lot more charming in text-only games (Final Fantasy VII having characters talking about save points, etc.), and just really annoying in voice acted games.


and I know it’s only tangentially relevant to it

but I’ve got this in my head (as I quite often do)


might play some videogames this evening


which ones?


probably Final Fantasy IX


I had to give up on the final boss this time round. FFIX is the only FF game I’ve properly completed but, alas, Necron was too much of a dickhead this time round.

(I’d absolutely rinsed a lot of the chocobo minigame this time as well, due to the speed-up function on the PS4 making the digs super easy [you move and peck really fast, the clock goes down at the same speed])


I’m playing on PC, it’s pretty fun! Got a nice CRT shader going on as well which helps blend the models with the rough lo-res backgrounds.

It’ll be FFXII next :smiley:


I think my next big JRPG (beats me when I’ll feel like I’ve got time to start one) will be Chrono Trigger now that they’ve made the PC version not absolutely shit-awful and terrible


Think I finally might get to starting God Of War this week.

What’s everyone’s plan for the rest of the year?

Super short on free cash for treats so thinking I’ll probably just buy Red Dead Redemption 2 and hold off for Spider-Man and Hitman 2 for Xmas and my birthday a week before.


I might pick this up again

these days it takes me about 2 years to finish any rpg I start