A gaming thread for 2018



Having a jolly wee time in far cry 5. Probably a bit too similar to far cry 4 but hey ho. Trying and failing to take back a farm by stealth is jolly good fun. The gospel tunes and the Midwest guitar music (not sure how else to describe it) is so atmospheric.


It’s a lot of fun but they drag it out a bit, I was done after beating the 2nd main baddy. I couldn’t face doing the whole clear region, fight baddy, routine for a 3rd time. But that still meant I got a very enjoyable 15 - 20hours or so out of it.


I just kind of wished they had one main villain not like 4, it gets exhausting lol


Fully anticipating getting a bit bored halfway through but then back to cex it’ll go.


Far Cry still a good game. Jim Sterlin explained my feelings on every ubisoft game well ‘they are great value, are well made, but are just filler/junk food you gorge on whilst you wait for something you really want to play to come along’


this is accurate tbh. crowd pleasers are just as valid as the more cerebral art movie if they hit the spot.


I do wish they’d stop making every IP they have slight variations of Far Cry though lol. Only Rayman hasn’t been hit with the Far Cry brush as far as I can tell


It’d be quite funny to see Ray Man trying to slightly clumsily but I would say at least kinda admirably address the impact of colonialism by climbing radio towers and whatnot


I agree with John Walker inasmuch as I think the visceral and sadistic violence directed against a helpless child protagonist is deeply unpleasant and not particularly necessary. Its puzzles are simplistic and it doesn’t have much replay value. Finally - and I appreciate this is a very subjective point - both endings were in my opinion empty abstraction, rather than anything truly meaningful.

Brilliant game, or brilliant interactive experience perhaps, but not the best.


Oh my god.

Oh my god, i can’t even find the time to get into why this is so wrong. The two endings are perfect, and the choice of a child protagonist isn’t made lightly. There are so many layers at play with both endings too, honestly can’t believe you of all people do not dig what this game has to offer.


don’t really know much about it, is it just one of those games that’s really hard and you fight boss battles all the time? can’t really cba with that


There are two endings?!? We still talking about inside? If there’s an ending that doesn’t make me want to throw up AND hide in a darkened room for a week then I’m going to be all over replaying this one.


Guys I need a new game to play. I feel like it’s been a long while since something really got its teeth into me. I’m bumbling around with different builds in dark souls and at the point where I’m getting lost a lot in hollow Knight but I feel I need something new. Would quite like something with a definite narrative and quite linear, my sense of direction is terrible and it’s getting turned around rather than combat that causes me the most frustration in games. Ps4 or switch recommendations welcome!


Did you play God of War? That seems to fit the bill. Or Horizon Zero Dawn.


Both great shouts! Played them both, loved them both.


Played the Tomb Raider games? Loved the first one and that’s remastered on PS4 now. The sequel is supposed to be great too.


Yup played those and uncharted (prefer tomb raider because bows >>>>>>>> all other weapons). Uncharted is great too because it’s REALLY linear and you have to really try to get lost :slight_smile:


Hmmmm. You’ve beaten all the obvious belters.

Could go for a chunky RPG like Xenoblade 2 or Octopath Traveller on the Switch. Or something shorter like Hellblade, Rime or Subsurface Circular.


the ending most NORMAL PEOPLE wouldn’t have got (because it involves an obtuse puzzle which some bastard on here is now going to claim they got without looking up a walkthough, I’d wager) seems to involve the kid destroying the machine which controls everything, although there’s some other wild theories out there about what it all means, man.


Ever played Okami? Under £15 on Switch and it’s an all timer.