A gaming thread for 2018



I think I had it for PS3 but that packed in as soon as I started it. Glad its good, was a bit unsure but I really didnt take to MGS. Ill play it after Ive done Resi Evil


closest thing i can imagine to explain it is like a…kung fu LA noire? :smiley: or basically just the cop missions in GTA


These are my sorta games! Although i did find Mafia 3 a bit…interminable


it’s way more engrossing than mafia 3 (i.e. it doesn’t suddenly get boring)


I had that, never really got very far with it. plus for some reason the image came through offset by about a centimetre to the right on my TV which was really annoying.


Quite fancy doing the Metal Gear Solid series.


i reckon it’d take way longer than you think. i was trying to estimate hours to beat each game the other day and i looked some up and i was WAY out


You lured someone into into bathroom, and then when trying to shut the door so as to subdue them quietly you accidentally hid in a cupboard instead?

Oh Awkward 47, you are awkward!


And now I tried it again and he was in the way of the door and just closed it on himself and opened it again. Master assassin but can’t shut doors for SHIT


Third time everyone else was just being a dickhead. 47’s technique was fine on its own tbh


Right so I’ve knocked an innocent person out so THIS TIME I should be able to knock the bloke I want to knock out without this other wanker getting on my case and being a swotty nerd running home to security and telling of me and getting me done


Worked this time and this is a satisfactorily closer to this arc. Go in, knock him out. BUT a guard is attracted and he spots me draggin the guy into the bathroom.

He’s seen me blatantly round the corner and go into a secluded bathroom stall, and he says “I’ve lost him. I don’t know where he went”. I assume this is a union issue and he’s making a stand to get a wage increase. Good on him.

I disguise myself as the person he just saw me drag in there. He comes in, and tells me to watch out. Presumably for the person who just knocked me out.

And that, kids, is why you respect workers rights and unions.


I promise this is the last post, but they evacuated the bathroom and now a bloke is standing in the lobby with nary but a towel to hide his shame


Enjoyed this.


Games Done Quick event has raised over $2 million for charity now. Mental…

Watched some of it this morning. The 45 minutes Zelda BOTW run is eye opening!


Downloaded Yume Nikki today, as it’s been something I’ve been curious about for a while.


If you like Final Fantasy, have you ever considered Breath of Fire? IV is one of my favourite RPGs


enjoying FFXV a lot more now I’ve got a few hours in it. I mean, I still dont really like any of the characters, or have a proper understanding of what’s going on with the story, but I think the battles have clicked a bit now for me and driving around listening to the FFVIII soundtrack is fun. was also nice to see some actual classic FF enemies after a while when I got jumped by some Bombs and an Iron Giant :sunglasses:


This pretty much sums up my experience. Have you done any of the dungeons yet? I think those are the best parts.


i’m on chapter 2, nearest i had to a dungeon was looking for a tomb in some caves and a massive spider thing jumped me. was alright.