A gaming thread for 2018



Right I’ve messed up some ligaments in my left hand and it’s currently in a sling. Any ideas for video games I can play one handed?


Driving game with a wheel and pedals, automatic transmission on.




Cities Skylines
Civ 6


That’s your answer to everything! :grinning:
Actually maybe this is the time to give it a go


it’s very engaging and totally non-threatening!


That actually sounds lovely. Could do with unwinding.


The thoughts in my mind when I see a YouTube video entitled “Silent Hill analysis”

1: Oh cool, someone talking about Silent Hill in an analytical way, gnarly
2: Oh nadgers, they’re obviously just going to summarise the plots of the games again in that shit YouTube gamer voice


yeah wtf is up with that


and ye, didst i send a flood of turds to cleanse the sins of men, and i saw that it was good

traumatic scenes from 0.25 onwards :laughing:


Xcom 2
Darkest Dungeon

Trying to think what else I play when I’m hungover


finished the first playthrough of nier: automata last night, and started the second. strange game, not convinced it’s entirely successful yet but I guess I’ll have to wait until the 5th playthrough at least to be able to work it out



Only the first 3 playthroughs matter. The 3rd one is drastically different to the 1st and 2nd


what’s your favourite meaningless hacking visualisation minigame?

nier’s weird mini arcade thing, where you are a a white triangle and have to shoot black spheres?

prey’s move the left analogue stick to the big circle without running out of time?

for me it’s still gotta be bioshock’s pipe thing


Deus Ex Human Resources for me.

Had a really good balance of tense risk/reward evaluation topped off by a desparate scramble towards the end. Fucking hate Prey’s version, nobody enjoys thread the electric needle.


Oh, I’d forgotten about Prey’s, I love that game so much but I forgot how much frustration that mini-game caused.

I’d gotten quite into Nier’s, very satisfying hacking into one enemy in a crowd and watching it damage a bunch of others around it


I watched my friend play some Deus X HR but didn’t actually play it myself. It looked completely meaningless to me from what I saw, but if there’s some actual strategy involved that’d make it better thought through than pretty much all the others. Most just seem to be pointless busy work

Prey’s is so weird, feels like they really couldn’t be bothered to think of something interesting. And it seemed to get easier at higher levels, though it felt like more of a chore.


You have to connect the node(s). Each node has a level that determines how long it takes to capture and how likely it is to trigger security. Once security is activated it triggers a countdown and swiftly starts retaking nodes. There’s also secondary resources you can risk trying to capture, limited use software you can freeze the countdown/take nodes with zero detection, and hidden viruses that increase levels/freeze you. It’s surprisingly involved for a hacking mini-game.


The correct answer (as is so often the case) is Bioshock