A gaming thread for 2018



I’ve not played it in about 20 years but I have very fond memories of that game. GBOL is Yoshi.


Have been playing Championship Manager 01/02 quite a bit lately after discovering it free to download.
Just opened it up and tried to load my save game and it’s asked me to enter the CD :confused::frowning:


Download a chmp man 01 02 cd image file and virtual cd drive


Played Spiderman for twelve hours yesterday.


Yeah, still had the downloaded files on the computer. Opened it from that and all was fine.


This is really grim :confused:



fuck them.

I don’t care how good the game is, in fact I actively hope it’s a piece of shit now.

What sort of precedent is that to set for people?


Sadly it’s industry standard across major publishers. It’s not quite as bad as it once was from what I believe but is still disgusting, the problem is though they don’t have any union support so it;'s hard for them to get better workng conditions.

Rockstar have been underfire before, about 8 years ago. Wives of Rockstar, google it if you want to see more.


it’s really depressing that it’ll make no difference to most critical appraisals of the game.

I might boycott it tbh, it’s really unsettling to think that people are having to suffer crazy burnout and stress just so my horse bollocks can look more realistic.


there’s loads of depressing shit like this below the surface of the videogame industry. to play the absolute worst in terms of devil’s advocates, do you think it’s possible for people to create such huge games and also have a work-life balance? Even the guys in that Indie Game movie suffer a similar fate, although self-inflicted

sub-sub thread: is anything good in capitalism, really? spoiler: no


it’s really sad considering MGSV and Zelda BOTW are my two favourite games of the last decade. Seems I’m guilty of ignoring the shitty practices that leads to games like that.


That’s just Japanese work culture in general though a lot of the time surely? When I worked over there for a bit it was common for the guys to either work late or do a working meal/drinks. Either way not hon til near midnight after the commute home. The women in the office had to leave bang on time to be home with the kids and do all the chores!


Crunch culture = bad, absolutely no question about that.

I know from full on personal experience though, preventing people from doing work that they are passionate about with impending deadlines is very difficult.


Problem arises when management sees the passionate people working without overtime and says ‘so what’s stopping the rest of them’? And there are no unions in your industry.


Ugh. Came here to post about how excited I was for this game and see what the chat was. That statement is a disgrace

With the exposure of terrible working cultures in film and television etc, why wouldn’t this be a thing in the video game industry


Sega are anti crunch iirc


Maybe they’ve changed their working practice in the last few years…

People crunch on all those shovelware licensed games, too—the ones you see for $10 at GameStop just a few weeks after they come out. “You know what’s worse than crunch? Death march crunch on games no one wants,” said a developer who worked on Sega’s Iron Man 2. “Mandatory 12 hour days, 6 days a week. If you were salaried (like I just now was) you did not get overtime pay. You did get food though. Oh and there was a keg in the office.”
As a reward for those 70-hour work-weeks, the staff all lost their jobs. On April 2, 2010, a month before Iron Man 2 came out, Sega shut down the studio.


Looked it up
They changed their policy in 2011 and have 80percent of crunch down with aims of having it completely eradicate by 2021


Yeah, absolutely agree with all of this.

As posted in the Unions thread the other day, these guys are hoping to have legal union status soon:



100 hour weeks is horrid. I can totally believe it, often in the “cool” industries to work in you end up being expected to ditch life for your job.