A gaming thread for 2018



Yeah I couldn’t really get on with the last of us either. Lots of busy work tasks just to give you something to do. Also I got to this one bit with loads of guys at a warehouse and you had to be stealthy but the game user interface wasn’t set up to make stealth anything more than unbelievably frustrating.


Yeah, it’s pretty annoying.

Those stupid tasks of tapping a button to lift a door up or turn something. What’s the point? I can do it, you know I can do it, just open the fucking door!


feel like treating myself to a cheap switch game, what’s good folks?


Rocket League, Stardew Valley, Golf Story.


I bought Resident Evil 6 for the PS3 in the sale on the PS Store for £3:29. Hammy and shite but fun too on co-op. Add me if you like on PS3 (same addy as here).
Also playing Killer Is Dead another flawed but fun stroll. Dipping into Battlefield 4 on PS3 to for Death Matches.


finished RE4 over the hols and getting close to finishing the core mission of Watchdogs 2 i believe. also finished death of the beyonder which was ace

dark souls is looking at me but i’m scared.
Got some DLC for Arkham Knight so wanna dig into that again tho
Also have Dead Island to look at


You can get Rayman Legends physically for £20 these days.


Steamworld Dig 2

Oh, and I think Super Meat Boy’s out next week.


Steamworld Dig 2 is on offer I think right now, as is FAST Racing RMX - somewhere between £10 and £15. Both regarded as two of the best ‘Nindies’


darn, got both of those! Both great to be fair. Liked the look of Neurovoider but dunno if anyone’s played that


Gorogoa was good fun, but very short. Seen that?


oh yeah that did look cool!


Enter The Gungeon is great if you like that sort of thing (rock hard dungeon crawler/bullet hell type things).
Axiom Verge is wonderful if you haven’t played it on another platform (Metroidvania type thing).
The End Is Nigh is an excellent but mega stressful platformer from the Super Meat Boy dude.


Furi and Super Meatboy are out next week.


Extremely behind the times post coming up:

Papers, Please is really, really brilliant. Just got sentenced to be executed for treason. great larks!


Very inventive and at times, I had genuine feelings of ‘Oh my God, that’s genius’. But it was all over within 2 hours and I suspect plays just as well, if not better, on an iPad.


If you like puzzle games. Battle Chef Brigade.


Huh, I think TLOU is maybe the only implementation of stealth mechanics I’ve truly enjoyed. Each to their own, I suppose

Not the TLOU needs me to come out to bat for it, but I think it’s linearity is needed to keep what is, IMO, an incredibly emotive story trundling along at a good pace.

I’m with you on some of the sillier ‘find a ladder’ type tasks, but found the settings so vivid that it was a pleasure to explore them and look for things. There’s so much world-building achieved through the areas you are made to explore that I think it is, in some way, a necessary change of pace to throw those really simple tasks in.


Was engaged with the story and liked how linear it was to ve honest but playing it wasn’t much fun. Wanted to love it.


Been told I can’t do any exercise for at least a week which is absolute bollocks so what game do I start playing to hopefully prevent me from getting depressed…

Witcher 3 - Do I need to have played any other others? Will I miss out if I don’t know the backstory? Was £16 on the PSN so bought it.

Last of Us

Go buy something else? I have £60 of credit at CEX.