A gaming thread for 2018



So I’m still listening to the Giant Bomb GOTY podcast and, for the second hour in a row, 2 people are arguing about Dream Daddy.



Not selling Giant Bomb to me in these threads u guys


I hadn’t played or even heard of the first two Witcher games and I loved Witcher 3.


Great website. Great bunch of folk. Good community.

AWFUL GOTY podcasts this year.


I thought I told you to stop!


You can easily play W3 without having played the other two. They’re all self-contained games.

I think W1 and 2 have things to recommend them, and you’ll miss character development, but the last one is far and away the best of the lot and tbh it’s so fucking big I wouldn’t recommend turning Everest into a trip around Nepal anyway.


Good advice.

I’ll take a crack at Everest and if I make it back down alive I’ll think about the rest of Nepal some other time.


Yeah, this. Good podcast and usually their GOTY shows are an annual highlight. Too many people this year and it’s a bit of a mess…


I don’t know why, but I need to see what they make number one. Currently, only one person wants Zelda, AKA the best game ever, in the top 5. THEY’VE LOST THEIR MINDS.


personally have downgraded Zelda to maybe in my top 20 of all time as the dust has settled. There’s no doubt it was an amazing time though


The Witcher 3. No u don’t have to have played any others. Yes it’s the best game on ps4


also think I’m getting a bit tired of the arbitrary choices they make, the sour grapes and the meme-y in-jokes, seems especially cringey since they are mostly in their late 30s. Would much rather they talked positively and sensibly about the games they love.


Oh, is the story worth paying attention to? I skipped all the cutscenes.


You’ve got to be joking


i’ve never added anyone on steam before. how exciting!

i’m http://steamcommunity.com/id/drmswk/


Yeah, I really enjoyed the Computer Game Show and BitSocket GOTY shows best. Groups of people just openly declaring their love for a bunch of games, though in TCGShow’s case with a sprinkling of double crossing and arguing.


I legit thought Dan Ryckert was the only one who chose his spots well and didn’t resort to a downward spiral of dismissive arguments. Vinny less so, the rest were pretty unbearable this year.


Mainly just anyone saying “this has to be at the top or I’m leaving” or Jeff’s classic “I don’t like 90% of the games on this list” had me eye-rolling.


Hung out with the bit socket boys a few years back at a consolevania meet. Nice boys. Daft


So much time for that show. Always come back to it and find it varied, insightful and downright hilarious.