A gaming thread for 2018



Made a friend for life cos of it. New series is quite good and all. Glad Rab and Ryan are pals again.

Edit: you talking about CV or Bitsocket?



It’s the best.

Don’t waste your time exercising; those wyverns won’t slay themselves.


Ah BitSocket, but Consolevania was a great show from what I’ve seen of it. Haven’t seen the new ones. Online or need to buy them?


They’re on Patreon. I haven’t subscribed yet myself, even though I am an absolutely massive fan of Consolevania … as well as being that elusive thing as gaming comedy that’s actually funny and the fact that Rab and Ryan’s perspective on games is an interesting and welcome one, etc., it’s also turned me on to loads of great music (currently listening to Andrew Bird rn actually, who I first heard on CV).

Oh man, CV

Oh! And the last series of VideoGaiden was really good (and should be on YouTube, I think) if you haven’t watched it! It was a bit more like Consolevania than the previous VG series had been.


I’m sure a billion other people have said, but knowledge of the Witcher series isn’t necessary to playing the third. The references to past games / lore are all framed in such a way that they introduce newcomers to the series (such as I was when I played it, and I probably won’t ever play the others) to the world as a rich, breathing and complex environment rather than as some disorientating load of incoherent stuff you feel like you should know already.


DOOM is quite the game, huh? Never played it a lot as a kid as I didn’t own a PC, but it’s reputation at school was legendary. This really captures the constant need for movement brilliantly, though I could do without some of the platforming bits.

Music, tone, art direction, feel of the weaponry, sound effects, balance of health to enemies, story… all massive wins so far. Whole thing feels hefty and solid. Keep scouring every level for power ups and secrets, convinced I’ve got them all, and complete the level having found none of them. Bet there’s some real replay value. Seems like I’m less than halfway in too, despite it feeling like I was nearing the end game.

s multiplayer any cop?

Only had one brief moment of slowdown too in an insanely enemy intense fight at a pivotal point, which was when I played it handheld.

Wonder how it sold? Never appears on any list of top selling Switch games.


Fantastic game and worth all the praise, just flows so well! but the original doom is still the best. Been playing a bunch of mods for that this year, so much pure fun. Could make a case for it being the best videogame ever


Red Dead Redemption 2 is imminent. Nursing a semi.


Got sucked back into Minecraft. Have a little server with my brother, just stick a podcast on and get lost building something and exploring for hours


I wasn’t blow away by it. it was quite enjoyable, but I thought it was a bit repetitive and it didn’t really sustain itself for 10 hours or however long it is


Doom plays sooooo well it’s a joy.

But I don’t think it’ll sell all that well on Switch until there is a sale. For the simple fact that anyone looking for a Doom game has already played it by now and it’s a very defined campaign without much replayability outside of it. And those who played it first time are probably used to it running at 60fps so will probably be put off by the idea of playing it in 30fps.


This is the game that will finally make me get a PS4.


Lost track in the threads but did you finish Bloodborne in the end?


gonna try this cane and rinse podcast out, looks interesting!


they did one on flashback! Ok this is the greatest podcast ever


Fucking hell Witcher 3 is a bit daunting in it’s scope isn’t it! Bloody loads going on here.

Also realised I selected “simulate Witcher 2 save” so when I got to a cut-scene I had to choose what happened in the last game and I didn’t have a clue what was going on!

Oh well, back to the start I go :smiley:


Why in the name of fuck does persona 5 cost £55-80?!?


It keeps outselling its print. The standard edition should be 35. The tin box from launch is now super expensive. It’s on sale on PSN btw.


i was looking at it on the psn store! seemed to be 55 for regular and 80 for the mega edition.


Wtf. It should be in the Jan sale. It’s only 15 quid on PS3 too last time I checked.