A gaming thread for 2019

Operation Backlog aka Don’t Buy Any Games This Year has commenced with Infamous: Second Son. It’s absolutely ok, pretty mindless. Can see it getting very repetitive.

Also have a new telly coming on Friday. 49 inches! 49! It’s a 4k so I’m wondering if it’s worth upgrading to PS4 pro. I’ve looked at some graphics comparison videos and honestly can’t tell the difference. I already have a big external HD so storage isn’t an issue. Is it worth it?

  • Yes do it
  • Nah no point

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Still on Hitman, and may my improvisational mayhem comtinue into this new year.

Also started Tacoma last night, which my laptop just about runs (on the lowest graphics settings and with some occasionally hefty loading times). Walking around an abandoned space station is always fun for me.

Finally went back into Mario Odyssey after having had about two decent sessions on it when it first came out. S’alright but I’ll ever be as mad keen on it that some people are. Loads of clever ideas and obviously I’m not disparaging its quality but it’s not for me, Clive.

Had a go of that fortnite battle royale thing but it felt very rough and ready and not in a good way.

Might invest in SPLAToon 2 finally. Also fed up with my ageing PS4 randomly bleeping and spitting out discs.

This has been quite a grumpy post. Was playing rocket league recently with my friends and their kids and that was a riotous joy so take that mesaage away with you and not all the grumpy stuff.

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Started playing Stardew Valley last night. Looks incredibly charming! 4 y/o daughter said the graphics reminded her of Link to the Past, she’s learning well :smiley:


This will be me for today.


Stardew is excellent - will probably be good fun to play with your daughter as well as there’s no difficult platforming/twitch mechanics in most of the game.

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Still mostly playing Eternal and not much else. Tried playing Hearthstone for a couple of days for a change and Jesus Christ it’s still nonsense.

Briefly tried Gwent, got a bit more intrigued by some of the strategy but not enough to switch to it. Might revisit it at some point.

Most anticipated game of 2018: Artifact.

tl;dr playing nothing but digital card games on a proper gaming rig



I love stardew valley, it’s completely addictive


I’m in the same boat as you, have a nice shiny 4k TV so tempted by the PS4 Pro, but not really sure it’ll be that much better.

assuming your TV does HDR then that’ll give you a nice boost with the standard PS4 anyway, so I reckon I’m going to hold out until I have some money burning a hole in my pocket or there’s a really good special offer on the Pro.


I’ve only played the first 10 days or so, but there’s just so much stuff to do! Already made a bunch of little plots for veg, caught a load of fish, and made friends with a Wizard :smiley:

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Aye. I think HDR (well done) is a bigger prize than 4k tbh. It’s hardly the jump from SD to HD.

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still plugging away at Gran Turismo Sport myself, had a nightmare of a day a couple of days ago that dropped my Sportsmanship rating down a grade and meant I got matched with even bigger clowns than normal, but a few solid races round Brands Hatch (such a good little track) yesterday got me back on track.

Having to sell my Switch to pay to fix my car. I’ve got a buyer, but I’ve got the week off work, so I’m going to absolutely cane Zelda this week and sell it beginning of next.

Sad times, but needs must.


Hopefully this is just an temporary separation, not a full on divorce.


Nearly finished Hellblade Satsuma’s Sacrifice. Can’t stand it tbh. Utter toss.

I’m playing Hyper Light Drifter. I like it, it’s like Fez but with a lot more slaughter. Seems weird that people were so hung up on the difficulty, since that’s not particulary interesting

my housemate has a switch now, BOTW and Mario Odyssey so that’ll be good

DiSser’s bedroom.


Has anyone any experience buying from The Game Collection? Seem to be the best price for a couple of games I’ve got my eye on.

Yeah I’ve used them and ShopTo loads. Both very good and often got a game to me a few days ahead of the release date.

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