A gaming thread for 2019



Agreed, the gameplay updates were good, but it didn’t need expanding from a story perspective, it was self-contained. Bit like The Raid/Raid 2 - tight, tense original then big sprawly sequel.

Maybe HM2 was a satire on convoluted franchises?


Yeah definitely, the earliest games I played were Spectrum platformers where the ‘violence’ was a pixel hitting a bunch of pixels, no more graphic than space invaders. Then stuff like point n clicks with basically zero violence. Even the violent games of that era was stuff like Mortal Kombat which isn’t realistic at all compared to what you get nowadays.

Some of the games I play nowadays certainly do I have some violence in and I do occasionally wince at the overly gratuitous bits. I remember God of War 2 having some nasty bits.

Context is important; stuff against monsters/demons is less problematic than against humans. Also if it’s in a narrative game and violence is contained to certain bits then that’s not as bad than your CoD deathmatch style play where violence is repeated and removed from narrative context.

I think certain people and audiences do revel in violence a bit too much. I remember in a Last of Us preview at E3 or something ended with a execution animation for an enemy (so not a cut scene) where Joel shot a guy in the face with a shotgun at point blank range and the audience cheered wildly and it made me very uncomfortable.

Of course I also expect the vast majority of adults to be able to differentiate video game violence and real life violence so I don’t think it’s a massive problem for society but kids certainly should not be playing ‘adult’ games.


Yeah, glad there are ratings. The agency involved in game violence can make it potentially more damaging than just watching it.

Luckily us adults can separate games from real life - it’s not like playing RPGs makes me perform repetitive tasks in front of a screen for small rewards :thinking: :open_mouth:


That does sound a bit odd. That said, I thought TLOU did an amazing job of throwing that notion of you being a hero for shooting what’s in front of you back in your face. Particularly that final sequence when you’re raining all hell in the facility and really not feeling at all good about it.


Yeah I think Last of Us is a fantastic game and that was a context animation and not part of the narrative and I think I might have even been toned down for the European release.

I do think there’s something very American about the celebration of violence. The other thing that stayed with me was in Boardwalk Empire where a guy gets a hot iron in the face in quite a graphic and horrific manner, but then in the dvd extras, the editor or whoever was talking about how funny that scene was, that he was getting people in to watch it and literally being in hysterics over and over again. I just thought, what is wrong with you?


That’s really well put! The second one disappointed me so much with it’s lack of self-awareness. When it switches off so do you. I can’t remember it at all to be honest. Still think about the first one from time to time.


I know we’re not allowed to talk about it here, but one of the many ways Dark Souls is great is in how it casts the incessant violence as a mix of mercy-killing and futility, and the way it draws parallels between the hollowing of everyone you meet and your own eventual decision to stop the cycle of violence.


I read a really good defence of it somewhere detailing how they somehow managed to string a plot through all the seemingly disparate elements and tied everything together deftly and neatly. Which is admittedly impressive, but absolutely not what I wanted from it. And I especially did not want to be repeatedly killed by off screen enemies I hadn’t even seen yet. So much bullshit in that game.


Hotline Miami 2 was close to making some good points about violence, but didn’t quite get there. The levels where you play as the journalist were good - he only knocked people out, and if you picked up a gun, he automatically broke it so nobody could fire it. It’s like the game engine wants you to do one thing (shoot the baddies!) but your character won’t let you.

There was a good level where you get sent to jail, and a boss tries to kill you in the exercise yard - but then it becomes a massive sprawly shootout like the rest of it and loses the point somewhat


Ban request!


Jeez, stop being such a Crestfallen Saulden :wink:


I… have no idea what this means.


For me nothing beats those eerie blank moments as you walk back through the level past all the carnage now devoid of its momentary thrill, or the pointedly mundane intermissions drawing unsettling parallels, but you’re right, the sequel did do some things well too, it just got lost for me amongst all the disappointing decisions they made.


My ATD has a very bleak reading of Dark Souls/ Bloodborne games:

So here you are in this amazing ecosystem filled with these exotic and unique creatures, the bosses, and you systematically exterminate them. Unlike their minions, they don’t respawn when you touch a bonfire: they’re gone for good.

You are the monster.


I played a lot of Pac-Man as a kid, and I have certainly never spent time in dark rooms gobbling pills and listening to electronic music


The joke is repetetive music. Silly


I’ve become weirdly addicted to Dungeon of the Endless. It works really with my tablet in pad mode.


Played it once and didn’t get it.

Looked interesting, though.


Yeah, really took some effort to get it to click. I watched a youtube video, then I got into it. great game for when you’re watching tele.


Yup got it. It’s a pretty chill game, where the big hook is that you draw your own map on the touchscreen as you go. Seem to be on a map-making tip atm with this and Mini Metro (I do have a terrible sense of direction and maps do kind of amaze me tbf)

Gonna try and finish at least one Zelda game before I get into it though! Still in the Skull Woods in LttP…