A gaming thread for 2019



Superb podcasting game. Really struggle trying to describe it to people, though. Tower defence rogue-like is about as close as I can get.


this is why Shadow of the Colossus is so deeply melancholic too.


Me and some friends played this on co-op for a while but quit after we’d completed the easiest level. Kind of a shame but we really didn’t have the coordination to get much further. I should really give it a go solo sometime.


aside from any ‘moral’ issues, a lot of violent games are just… boring. there’s only so many times I can shoot the same demons over and over again in DOOM before I get sick of it. it just doesn’t sustain itself for 10+ hours or whatever - I’ve done it too many times before.

get some new gameplay ideas, maaaaan


Doom is the best stress ball ever created. It has a fluidity to it which is damn artistic IMHO.


I want non-violent games to be a bit more imaginative with their gameplay. I think Gone Home (and a number of other “walking simulators”) were really good at making exploration and player interpretation a key part of the gameplay, but then I feel some other games coast a bit on the assumption that the narrative will be interesting enough.

Case in point: Oxenfree which was great, but wasted much of its interactive potential, imo. The conversation system was great, but the fact that you have to assemble your team of characters throughout that game could’ve been more interesting if, for example, they’d had specific things they could contribute to the action (like Maniac Mansion). In contrast, the most gamey bit of Oxenfree was that busywork where you’re dicking about tuning that radio.


The problem we have is gaming’s control scheme, especially for consoles, has evolved from the idea of x destroys y. PC Gaming has more variety thanks to the mouse and keyboard. There is only so much you can do with analog sticks and trigger buttons.


Imaginative non violent games. Sub-thread?
Papers Please
Cook Serve Delicious


I quite enjoyed it initially but it just became tedious to me. here’s the same enemy you fought earlier - but now there’s ten times the amount!


I wouldn’t mind for more adventure games. I know yer modern story games are meant to be all realistic and have you thinking about issues, but every so often they’ll put in some bullshit bit of fetch-work or a puzzle that a four-year-old bemused in the face of the complicated reality of his/her parents’ blatant failing sham of a marriage could solve with a minimum of thought. If you want a puzzle in your adventure game, go a bit more nuts with it.

Though I’ll concede, thinking about it, this logic gave us:

  • Broken Age, Part 1: piss easy
  • Broken Age, Part 2: Tim Schafer trying to remotely give you a fatal brain aneurysm


Portal (obviously)


Broken Age Part 2 was such a let down, you can tell they ran out of money and made convoluted puzzles to pad out the length


I’d count Kentucky Route Zero in this. Like it doesn’t really have traditional gameplay, but it goes all in with the interactive storytelling. Doesn’t need piss easy puzzles to make you feel like you’re playing a game either, just a shit ton of imagination and melancholic Appalachian ambient bangerz


oxenfree’s conversation system was incredibly impressive. it’s a shame some of the characters were so annoying. the plot was a bit cliched and nostalgia-y (I think?)

I liked it a lot overall though. the radio mechanic felt incredible… once or twice but then lost its lustre.

there were also those pointless collectables which I couldn’t resist from trying to get but completely got in the way of narrative momentum, and didn’t really serve any purpose (yeah, lore, whatever).


Firewatch firewatch firewatch. Loved that game.

Didn’t get on that much with everybody’s gone to the rapture or even gone home if I’m honest though.

I’m very much a caricature of a guardian reading vegetarian pacifist irl but I have to admit almost all of my favourite games do involve dealing large scale death.


Everybody’s Gone To The Rapture was like my idea of Walking Sim hell. It did pretty much everything a walking sim shouldn’t do.


the Witness?


The Witness was great, great use of environmental puzzles


That said I don’t like real life war based games, especially ww2. My grandad fought in ww2 and spent a long time in a concentration camp. No fucking way am I playing a “shoot the nazi” gamification of that war.

Alien races or supernatural terrors, yeah I’ll kill the hell out of them, but not Germans, can’t get on board with that, but it’s a personal thing, not criticising people who like cod or whatever.


I gave Wolfy a pass because it’s fucking ridiculous.