A gaming thread for 2019



Heh fair enough, it’s more Sci fi than most alien shooters!


Want to replay this; straight after I finished it, they added a bunch of extra stuff (including trophies, the DICKS), but it’s not something I really fancy replaying so soon after the first time. Might have to look around the free walk mode as well.

Great memories playing that; coming on from a long walk in the sun, lounging exhausted with the window open and the sound of birds outside mingling with the recorded sound of birds in the game and wondering what was going on in the ultimately a tad disappointingly concluding mystery


Never been that into the realistic war games, either. Just a load of greeny brown environments ad nauseum and really boring weirdly accurate guns.

Used to quite enjoy playing CoD multiplayer^ in my old student house, that said. Could never really work out where to stand on the fact that after the frag-fest, you’d get all poignant quotes and shit

^I don’t understand playing multiplayer alone with other people online; especially given how fun it is with pals in the same room (switching the headset on every so often just to mock Americans taking it too seriously)


Kind of unsure whether to count celeste in the non violent games list.

On the one hand there’s no conflict and violence at all, on the other hand my character has died over a thousand times due to my ineptitude.


yeah Firewatch was good. got a bit ridiculous towards the end though.

I’ve listened 100s of episodes of Idle Thumbs, which was slightly distracting - really weird to be thinking ‘classic Chris Remo idea here’ or whatever while trying to immerse yourself in the game. Same with Gone Home I guess.


As someone that plays a lot of rocket league, overwatch, mario kart and league of legends solo there is deffo a place for solo queue multiplayer. Mostly because these games are designed to match yiu with similarly skilled players so your opponents scale with you as you get better and it always offers a challenge which should in theory nwver go away. No 2matches should be the same so once you find your poison you have a game for life (or a few years)


Stardew Valley
Kerbal Space thingy
Viscera Cleanup Detail
Euro Truck Sim
Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes


Euro Truck Sim 2. I still need to play multiplayer with a convoy of people. What an amazong gane (not sarcasm)


Oh, and The Stanley Parable. King of all walking Sims.


Need to play that. Cane and Rinse are doing an issue on it, so that might encourage me finally


I loved that if you kept on walking and sulking in the closet the narrator removes the closet :smiley:

Also Jazzpunk.


The Narrator is probably the best written character in any game.


Oh manthe adventure and suicide endings. God i loved that game so much


I think Euro Truck 2 has more hours logged for me than anything other than Civ V and BotW


Got Tomb Raider on ps store. Its dead fun so farz having never played any before. Prefer it tenfold to Uncharted


Subnautica, you pricks. Alright, so technically you don’t walk much.


So many fish murdered so I could have drinking water :frowning:


I felt like a monumental prick when I had a whole swarm of bladder fish stuck against my magnet waiting to be harvested


Bladderfish are a really bad way of getting water dude, call them a stop gap before you work out something more efficient/humane. You can probably even be a vegetarian in that game, sounds like a basis for a challenge run.


Adored that game. One of the few games in modern times I’ve 100%ed just to make sure I’ve seen all the terrain and secret areas. Traversal in that game and combat with the bow is awesome.

Missed the puzzling and exploration a bit, but a great game nonetheless.