A gaming thread for 2019



Really good game. Rise of the Tomb Raider is even better!


yeah I find myself getting sidetracked just with the collectables!


ace, will look for it after! may even watch the film


Finished Witcher last night after about 100 hours play (hard to tell exactly as share my Steam account with TV).

Thought it was a pretty savage ending, then found out it was basically the worst possible ending out of several. Have to start again now, although might play another couple of games first.


Related to the violence in videogames debate the other day, just saw this

The gist of it is that parents are getting up in arms because their kids are getting addicted to Fortnite. It’s a sodding PEGI 12+ game and all but one of the kids concerned are under 12. Take some bloody parental responsibility!


Have to start again now
Witcher 3



Its as if the consoles dont have parental locks or anything in them. Oh wait… yes they do! Cap the amount of time they can play and take some responsibility for your inability to control your kids


This is directed to the tabloids btw. Not the very well balnced amd sensible comments that initially got spun into fear mongering sensationalism


gotta hand it to Epic Games tho with the Battle Pass idea. sell it cheap, do it every couple of months, takes 75-120 hours (according to them) to unlock all those sweet skins/emotes/crap so it keeps the kiddiewinks hooked. they know exactly what they’re doing. no wonder they won’t comment on any of these articles.

but aye, those kids smashing up tellies? naw pal, your boys are just horrible little sods. that’s not a video game’s fault. smash up their xbox to teach them a lesson and take their sugary drinks away too while you’re at it.


Oh, I’m not really defending the business model behind Fortnite and similar games. Loot boxes, FTP with "micro"transactions and so on all needs to be dealt with, but moaning because you gave Little Johnny £400 to spent on animations is going a bit far.

(Actually, I should clarify… I’ve no idea what Fortnite’s business model is… I just assume it’s the same as the rest of similar games these days :slight_smile: )


tis fine, i knew you weren’t. was just pointing out a thing.
they don’t have lootboxes like most other games - they sell cosmetics for sometimes silly prices instead (like £20 each for a few i’ve seen - yes, just for a skin), and this aforementioned ‘battle pass’ which costs about £8 and unlocks things (mostly garbage but sometimes cool dances which i’m really jealous of cos i don’t have any of them) as you level up.
but at least you know what you’re buying. (or not, in the case of some of these parents, some of whom could really do with learning the word ‘no’)


anyone actually playing fortnite? it’s great fun.

the lootbox issues is a bit different because with fortnite it’s purely cosmetic really.



anyone been hitting gang beasts?


It’s one of those games that I can’t tell if it looks stupidly fun or really dull and boring.

(Haven’t actually played it myself)


it’s only good with pals. online play would be dull but with four pads its glorious. you can use your hands to grab anything (people, scenery) and raise your arms to try and lob them off the edge of things. or you can headbutt them to knock them out first. the physics is bonkers and it means you can end up with incredibly dumb fights where everyone is hanging on to each other and one person is holding on to a ledge keeping everyone else from falling etc


Yay. Should be gloriously weird!




Yeah! Can’t believe how much they’ve struggled to get it going.


I love it, still. Think it’s a brilliantly executed game, still tons of fun, and they really nailed it aesthetically and gameplay wise with the new apocalyptic / sci-fi-y update and the storyline of meteors hitting the island. Keeps it fresh, having a large PvP game that’s changing in real time

It’s also the least suspect of all the exploitative lootpack style games; you could keep a child quite happy with the £8 per season (70 days) pass which unlocks loads of cool stuff the more you level up. You can also play the full game, with no restrictions or disadvantages, for absolutely free. Yeah, some kids probably do get addicted or beg their parents for money for some of the pay-for skins, but it’s not an essential part of the game. Children are becoming addicted to technology, just like 99.9% of the population; scapegoating Fortnite is lazy. It’s not more addictive than anything else, it’s just more fun/popular.


New map in overwatch
I love this game :slight_smile: